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By Zahara | 19th Jun 2019

Efficiency: The biggest challenge for Accounts?

In a recent Benchmark report from the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), Efficiencies were cited by Accounts Payables as their biggest...
By BrightPay | 19th Jun 2019

Into the clouds: Payroll as a cloud service

Payroll services have long inhabited a strange dual state of unpopularity. Businesses dislike it because it’s onerous, while accountants loathe it...
By BrightPay | 19th Jun 2019

The benefits of saving for your retirement

From 6 April 2019 the minimum pension contributions have increased to 8% of qualifying earnings. That is usually a minimum contribution of 5% for the...
By Zahara | 19th Jun 2019

QuickBooks users - Control Purchasing with Zahara

Zahara is perfect for controlling indirect costs. For a multi-site organisation or those running numerous projects at the same time such as...
By ICPA | 18th Jun 2019

Video Marketing It's not A standalone Solution

Nick Lewis explains why video marketing is an important tool for accountants wanting to get ahead. This blog is taken from the ICPA website...
By Zahara | 18th Jun 2019

Take Back Control (of Your Purchasing)

Operational inefficiencies are a blight on business, yet largely avoidable with some straight-forward technical interventions. The procurement...
By AccountsIQ | 18th Jun 2019

Gearing up for growth with mid-tier software

It can be difficult to strike the right balance between the budget software options available and the expensive, powerful solutions employed by big...
By PracticeWeb | 18th Jun 2019

Long-form content

Your website will benefit from long-form content because Google likes it, which is, in turn, because readers like it. Back when the web was young,...
By PracticeWeb | 18th Jun 2019

The benefits of optimised content

istock Most practices are unclear about how our search marketing for accountants service determines the success, or failure, of a blog. We gauge ‘...
The Access Group
By The Access Group | 18th Jun 2019

How to decide what financial software to use

As a finance leader in the hospitality industry, the process of choosing financial software to use may seem like an insignificant one. After all,...
By | 18th Jun 2019

Employers' Changing Expectations

As part of our popular Accountant's Update Pathway 2019, Alan recently recorded a podcast with Lisa Weaver, Associate Professor at Warwick Business...
By ICPA | 17th Jun 2019

Practice Evolution Conference 2019

Practice Evolution 2019 The ICPA will be returning to the North this year with our Practice Evolution Conference taking place on the 4th July at the...
Thomson Reuters
By Thomson Reuters | 17th Jun 2019

One firms' solution to spiraling software costs

Based in Bognor Regis, Matthews Hanton Limited have rapidly expanded their practice and now has a team of fourteen staff members. They currently...
By Keytime | 17th Jun 2019

What links Taylor Swift, Game Boy and Keytime?

It’s 1989. Four major births are about to happen. These include a future pop sensation, a new gaming craze, and almost certainly the most important...
Tax Insider Ltd
By Tax Insider Ltd | 17th Jun 2019

When does the 5% VAT rate on building works apply?

Andrew Needham highlights some practical issues on the availability of the 5% VAT rate. A lower VAT rate of 5% applies to certain building works; but...
By Capium | 17th Jun 2019

From IRIS to cloud solution

What does it mean to be a true cloud practice? For Alan Woods, managing director of Woods Squared in Wirral, the answer is easy: Flexibility and...
By BrightPay | 17th Jun 2019

Cloud payroll portals under the spotlight

Historically, the words ‘payroll’ and ‘innovation’ haven’t always been synonymous. In fact, some some circles would consider the two concepts to be...
Myriad Associates
By Myriad Associates | 14th Jun 2019

Is your video game eligible for a VGTR claim?

If you are reading this, you are probably in a situation where you are looking to gain more information on how to claim VGTR. This is a common...
By ICPA | 14th Jun 2019

Mobile Tech is at the heart of the Digital Economy

Here are 10 need-to-know facts for accountants working in the digital age. This blog is taken from the ICPA website. Dedicated to supporting and...
By AccountsIQ | 14th Jun 2019

Solving complex reporting & consolidation problems

AccountsIQ solves clients' complex reporting and consolidation problems, at an affordable price and these client video case studies demonstrate these...

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