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We’ve found that accountancy firms across the UK feel like they are spending too much time on administration and chasing clients when their time should be spent on doing more profitable work.

Several software companies are trying to tackle the issue of chasing clients to ensure all missing information is obtained from the clients in good time so deadlines aren’t missed - automation is the answer.

Alex Byrne, a former senior tax inspector and published author of In Easy Steps and Practical Accounts and Bookkeeping, experienced first-hand the challenges of running a successful accountancy business for over 20+ years. Unable to find a system that truly addressed the problems of manual administration, client management and team effectiveness; he developed AccountancyManager.

After receiving feedback from a number of accountancy practices, the common problems seemed to be chasing clients, tracking prospects and time management of staff. Accountants are using multiple software suites and the requirement was that all this should be done in one place.

Paperless offices have now become essential with everything moving online and technology moving faster than ever. A few years ago the idea of becoming a completely paperless office seemed impossible, but now, all documents should either be scanned or sent via email. The next challenge was eliminating the need to pass paper notes between staff across the office. The obvious solution was to find a software which enabled staff users to send notifications which would be logged in the client's file ensuring important information was no longer lost.

We know sending emails has become common practice with letters being sent to clients less and less, the next move had to be the ability to send mass SMS text messages to clients either to remind them of impending deadlines or maybe just to ensure they have received an email. A solution was needed so that accountants could correspond with their clients making use of all the options available to them.

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Having dealt with automating the gathering of missing information, creating an environment for a paperless office and communicating with clients effectively, AccountancyManager had a few more challenges.

Generating an automated daily task list for the staff within an accountancy practice meant that every member of staff was aware of the deadlines for the day, week or month without them or a manager needing to organise their workload, ensuring deadlines were never missed. Time logging linked to staff tasks would mean managers could ensure time is being spent efficiently and training could be provided where necessary.

When MTD comes in as planned, the number of deadlines accountants need to work to will be multiplied by 5. Making sure you have a complete practice management suite in place is essential now more than ever.

With a crowded practice management scene, accountants may find one software is more suitable than another. The aim is to find a software that can assist you to manage your clients, staff and workload and it should be simple and easy to use. We think AccountancyManager ticks those boxes.

About AccountancyManager


AccountancyManager is a cloud-based software built by accountants, for accountants and has been designed to help you manage your clients, staff and workload. Automating everyday tasks, from requesting client records to online filing codes including Companies House, email and SMS integration. Our system aims to ‘reduce the administration time to zero’.


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