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AccountingWEB columnist guidelines

1st Jan 2019
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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AccountingWEB remains a reflection of the community values on which the site was founded 22 years ago.

It is where our community of accountants and finance professionals can outline their thoughts on the challenges facing the profession and how to overcome them, react to current events through an accountancy lens or sound off at a particular issue that’s been bothering them.

If you’re interested in contributing to AccountingWEB as a writer or columnist, please read the following guidelines and apply using the link at the end of the piece.

In keeping with the site’s community rules we ask that all posts are:

  • Posted from an individual’s AccountingWEB account, rather than a company ie Joan Bloggs at Accrington Accountants, rather than Generic Software Inc
  • Not direct copies of something that has appeared on other websites – a short precis of your AccountingWEB piece on another website, complete with a link to the AccountingWEB page, is acceptable
  • Roughly 350 to 700 words in length - a 'sweet spot' for busy professionals
  • Complete with a title of no more than 50 characters
  • Relevant for our community of accountants and finance professionals
  • Non-promotional in nature, and contain no links to overtly promotional sites
  • Do not contain any abusive or otherwise offensive material

Any posts that break these rules either not be posted by the editorial team, or removed if they have made it on to the site.

Here are few good examples of content that works for our audience:

If you have any questions feel free to contact the AccountingWEB editorial team.