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Cutting a red ribbon
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Welcome back to the new AccountingWEB

3rd May 2016
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AccountingWEB has re-emerged from a serious makeover after spending the bank holiday weekend in its digital cocoon.

Thank you for your patience while we undertook this work and we hope you haven’t suffered any withdrawal symptoms while the new AccountingWEB was under construction.

The entire AccountingWEB team joined in the bank holiday DIY tradition by picking our tools to put the finishing touches to the new site. Most of the loose ends have been tied up and all the backstage nuts and bolts have been tightened in time for this morning’s ceremonial ribbon cutting.

No launch goes without a hitch and you may spot a few loose bits of digital carpet and rickety plumbing behind some of the panels. Please bear with us while we pick up and deal with outstanding bugs.

And as has happened in the past AccountingWEB members can play your part by letting us know if you find broken links, funny formatting or other glitches in the new site.

What’s changed?

Compared to its previous incarnation, the new site puts a lot more emphasis on graphics and design. We recognise that some AccountingWEB members may not like the look, but our new platform reflects best practice standards within the web industry and is the result of a long-term project across the Sift Media portfolio.

You may experience slower than normal response times during the new site’s first week in action. Any delays are not caused by the graphics, but by the underlying content management system. Once it manages to catalogue around 1m previously posted items the loading times will improve.

When coming back to the site, you should be automatically logged in. If you cannot see your user name at the top right of the web page, log in again so you can experience all the site’s new features.

User profile

Your user profile and account play a more prominent role on the new AccountingWEB. The new profile format is designed to be more user friendly to readers - so the user image and professional information are more prominent and all of your posts, comments and blogs are listed in a personal content library.

If you want to alter or edit anything you've posted previously - including Any Answers posts and comments - this is where to do it.

If you haven’t already done so, upload an image to present your best side to the wider community. Uploading an image is easy and just requires an appropriate image that fits within the 85 X 85 dimensions.

While you’re at it, why not tell the community a little about yourself in the biography section? It doesn’t have to be your life story, but just enough so everyone knows who you are.

The default for most members is to show the job title and company beside their username because the information is useful for those members who use the site to promote accounting expertise and job status. If you would like to change or update your professional information you can amend this on your account page to remove details from your public user profile.

The user account page is a good jumping off point, as the left hand section includes a menu of options that let you post blogs, Any Answers questions and other content with a single click. It’s also worth visiting the Email Visit the emails and subscriptions pages to ensure that you are getting all the email bulletins that you want.

Blogs and private messages

If you haven’t already done so, do explore the site at your leisure. The underlying structure is based largely on the same conceptual framework as the old side, but each of the main navigation topics - Tax, Business, Tech, Practice and Community - now include sub-menus for important themes within each camp.

Under the Community menu, you will find both the Blogs page and Industry updates from our advertising partners.

The blogs section has been retooled to match the new format so that we make important posts more prominent on relevant pages elsewhere on the site. To make this switch many of our “Featured blogger” crew have been upgraded to “Columnists”. While their posts can be featured elsewhere, the profile information will show their real name and role. Some of our bloggers will continue to use pseudonyms to permit them to discuss sensitive issues without compromising confidentiality, so only their user names will be visible.

Our developers have also improved the blog text editor to make it easier to insert tables and images in posts.

Private messaging has been given an overhaul to make it easier to navigate and more pleasing on the eye.

Any Answers

Any Answers has been the heart of the AccountingWEB community for more than a decade and retains its prominent position in our navigation system. If you’ve been waiting all bank holiday weekend to pose your burning question to the community, just click the Any Answers link above and then the big yellow ‘Ask your question now’ button.

As with blogs, the default setting is to display your user name and information on posts. But if you would prefer not to make your affiliation public, you can select an “Anonymous” option when making new posts. If there are posts that you don’t want to appear in your back catalogue, you can review them on your public Profile page and edit the setting to anonymous via the user account page.

We have added the ability to “like” original Any Answers posts as well as thanking other members for their subsequent comments. This information is compiled on the Any Answers overview page to highlight the questions that merit your attention more immediately. Any Answers is now open for you to pick up where we left off last Friday.

Work in progress

The new AccountingWEB is an evolving beast. The Discussions and Opportunities pages were not ready in time for our relaunch. For the moment these areas are still there, but non-visible as we consider how to adapt and improve them for the new platform. Apart from those two, everything else is present.

We got a lot of feedback about our Search engine and work is still underway to upgrade it with an Advanced Search capability. We are hoping to complete this in the next week or two. This has been quite a major piece of work affecting not just AccountingWEB, but all our sister sites too, so please be patient. It should be worth the extra wait.

Technical and support queries

If you have any technical queries or issues accessing and interacting with the new site, please visit the GOT A QUESTION page, which houses a new helpdesk and FAQ section. If you can’t find an answer there, please get in touch with our IT support team via this email: [email protected] 

AccountingWEB is more than a website, it’s a community and the thing that motivates us the most is try to deliver the features and content that you want. Let us know what you think about the new site. All feedback is welcomed and wherever possible we will try to accommodate constructive suggestions as the new site beds in.


Replies (24)

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By JCresswellTax
03rd May 2016 12:21


Thanks (1)
By garyturner
03rd May 2016 13:35

Congratulations to the team. Big change and very much for the better. Well done!

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

Thanks (2)
By Harrison88
03rd May 2016 13:37

Snazzy! Looks better than the old one (except some users to rebel... it always happens). Please fix the grey bar above the top bar if the user isn't logged in though. I think it is "notifications-bar" in the CSS but I don't think it should show if there aren't notifications otherwise it looks funny. I probably would have put that data within the breadcrumb bar myself to save the space.

Interesting mix of fonts too.

Thanks (1)
By mwngiol
03rd May 2016 13:55

I think I've worked it out. Sift are being paid by the government to force accountants into using smartphones as part of MTD. Nothing else could possibly make sense.
Do intelligent people really need a graphic to accompany a headline (in huge font) saying 'man receives tax bill'?

Thanks (3)
Replying to mwngiol:
By Harrison88
03rd May 2016 14:27

mwngiol wrote:

Do intelligent people really need a graphic to accompany a headline (in huge font) saying 'man receives tax bill'?

Yeah, I suppose the images are a little big. It makes being able to get a digest of the stories available difficult. Check out news sites like arstechnica for a better way of doing it. You still utilise photos but they add a line of text for a description and also fit more articles into the same screen space.

Thanks (1)
By Rachael White
03rd May 2016 14:42

Doesn't this look very swanky! Loving the new look. Well done guys. x

Thanks (2)
Replying to Rachael_Power:
By JCresswellTax
03rd May 2016 16:04

come back Rachael - we miss you x

Thanks (1)
By TaxTeddy
03rd May 2016 15:52

Probably looks good on a phone. On a large screen it looks a bit like a childrens book. BTW what happened to our user avatars?

Thanks (1)
By carnmores
03rd May 2016 16:13

Not mad about it yet too much graphics and far too much scrolling on mobile phone

Thanks (1)
By jones1948
03rd May 2016 16:18

I like the new format, it makes the old look rather old-fashioned in comparison

Thanks (0)
By seth1869
03rd May 2016 17:08

cheers guys, site looks surprisingly familiar :). One of us! One of us!

Thanks (1)
By kevinringer
03rd May 2016 17:25

New website is very slow to load but I guess this can be fixed. Why is everything so BIG? The photo at the top of the article fills the screen. The text is so large I have to scroll loads just to read the article, then loads more scrolling to read the comments. Then scroll back up to the comments box. That's a pain with a mouse. I appreciate the new site is aimed at mobile devices, so why doesn't it format itself for desktops? This is reminds me of switching to GOV.UK. That was (and remains) a disaster. Time will tell.

Thanks (1)
Replying to kevinringer:
By cfield
03rd May 2016 18:18

Looks very slick and initial impressions are quite positive but I notice you've got rid of the headings for responses on Any Answers, which is a shame as they often used to encapsulate what someone was saying in a few choice words and were an art form in themselves....sometimes! Now you have to read the whole post which can be quite time-consuming in some cases.

Thanks (0)
Replying to kevinringer:
Anyone Without A Sense Of Humour Is At The Mercy Of Everyone Else
By WellHeeled
03rd May 2016 21:14

Zoom the view out on your browser window, and everything gets smaller. Hope this makes things better.

Thanks (2)
Replying to kevinringer:
By petersaxton
08th May 2016 19:24

"Disaster" is the new "improvement"
Anyway, what is wrong with taking a lot longer to do anything? You would think we had something useful to do.
Obviously AccountingWeb have not considered that people might want to leave comments that may refer to the discussion in general. They expect you to either comment on the original question without bothering to look whether somebody else has provided the same answer as you provide or you will respond to what one person has said. This shows a lack of understanding of the possibilities.

Thanks (0)
By alan.rolfe
04th May 2016 13:12


Seriously! Just no!

Listen to what everyone said...
...we said no large fonts and no massive pictures.

I am just trying to earn a few bob at work and I do not want to be shouted at!!

< /rant >

Thanks (2)
By Democratus
04th May 2016 14:57

Please stop sending me e.mails every 10 minutes. Is there some way of turning this off?

Thanks (1)
Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
04th May 2016 18:31

As mentioned by many the site looks ok on a tablet but not so good on a large screen as acres of space everywhere and font so large I could read it if I was riding past the window on a bike. I am sure these issues will be ironed out in coming weeks. Having just done my own website I know how hard it is.

Thanks (0)
Replying to Glennzy:
Chris M
By mr. mischief
05th May 2016 11:47

I largely agree with the posts about the font size. It would be good to be able to go straight to the last post on a thread, navigating to the last post is now significantly harder than it previously was because just pressing "End" now takes you miles away from the thread you started in.

I do not think it's a coincidence that a long-running thread like the main Brexit one has gone from 2 or 3 posts per day to near zero posts.

I also liked the way there was a header you could put on each post in the old site, and a button to immediately enter a post when you noticed a typo. I've no idea why anyone would think that removing these options was a step forward.

Thanks (1)
Replying to mr. mischief:
By petersaxton
08th May 2016 19:29

Would you seriously include an edit option if you never gave things a thought?
I can't think of any other logical reason for making it difficult to edit your posts. It would appear that the site has been redesigned without any thought as what is better.

Thanks (0)
By waltere
05th May 2016 12:15

"We recognise that some AccountingWEB members may not like the look, but our new platform reflects best practice standards within the web industry..."

Best practice? Don't you just mean "what's currently fashionable"? Big, meaningless photo; few words; lots of scrolling. Nothing dates faster than fashion, as they say, so I suspect it will all be ripped up in a few years and replaced with something else.

At least the current vogue for large fonts makes text readable and desktop browsers allow you to adjust the zoom if it's not to your liking. I'm giving it 6/10 and hoping it grows on me!

Thanks (1)
Replying to waltere:
By petersaxton
08th May 2016 19:35

It's what is currently fashionable in areas that need no thought. If some celebrity wants to show their [***] they want to do it on a big graphic. If somebody wants to discuss accountancy and tax they don't need big graphics.

Thanks (0)
By petersaxton
08th May 2016 19:30

I'm going through the comments yet if I respond to a comment I am taken back to the first entry? Why is that better than being taken back to where I left off?

Thanks (0)
Replying to petersaxton:
Chris M
By mr. mischief
09th May 2016 20:59

It's pants. I would bet £10k that the volumes of posts on the site in the past week have plummetted.

Thanks (0)