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A vintage year for Kiwis?

19th Mar 2010
Managing Director Movemybooks
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The bottle of red wine on my table just provoked a realisation for me – it seems that Kiwis are behind many of the new web-based services on the market.  I wonder what it is that makes our friends from New Zealand so good at this stuff?

Here’s a list of some of the products I know of that are the result of Kiwi brain power:

Xero – online accounting

PlanHq – online business strategy

Minutedock – online time recording

PocketSmith – online personal finances

Sharesight – online portfolio management

ProWorkflow – online project management

These are the first names that came into my head and, of course, there will be many more.

I think this struck a chord for me because the developer I am working with on my Ledgerscope project is, yes you guessed it, a Kiwi.  And bloody good he is too.

You may be thinking this is unremarkable and that there are thousands of services out there, developed by clever people from all over the globe.  However, New Zealand is a relatively small country with a relatively small population and it just happens to be on what most of us would describe as “the other side of the world”.  So, I think it is notable.

It seems that technology and, particularly, the Internet has indeed made the world flat – and this is great news for all of us.


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