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Never forget to follow-up again

5th Aug 2011
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Like most professionals, I suspect, my work-day tends to be driven by my inbox. It’s the first thing I check in the morning and the place where most of the tasks I have on my agenda first come to my attention.

The problem which we all face, of course, is that not all emails can be dealt with instantly. For many reasons we have to plan to deal with tasks arising from emails at a later date. This has two effects:

  1. Our inboxes remain cluttered
  2. We need to revert to another application to manage our “to do” list, so that we don’t forget to deal with time-delayed tasks

If, like me, you find that most of the reminders you set in your “to do” list software consist of notes to remember to deal with a previously received email, you will yearn for a solution that allows you to manage the whole process from your inbox.

FollowupCC may just be the light-touch answer you have been looking for.

This Cloud service is easy to sign up for and, of course, there is nothing to install. There is a free plan, with paid upgrade options which provide more functionality.

Once registered, you can start to add the special Followup email addresses to the cc or bcc of your outgoing emails, which allow you to set a specific time after which the service will email you with a reminder to follow-up.

As an example; if you email a client on Monday with a proposal you could add [email protected]” to the bcc field of your outgoing email. The client will not see this, but on Friday you will get an email reminding you to contact the client to follow-up.

There are detailed time settings you can use to set the times of the reminders and you can even “snooze” the follow-up to a later date when they come though.

The service even works well when you want to set yourself a reminder. You can put [email protected]” in the to field of an email, then enter in the subject and body fields the details of what you want to be reminded about – e.g. “Remember to set office alarm before leaving” – and, sure enough, at the right time, a reminder email will pop into your inbox.

FollowupCC is a really nice little productivity tool that, for those of us still driven by our email inboxes, makes separate To Do List / GTD software seem an over-engineering of the problem.

It’s also an example of something that would not exist pre Cloud and SaaS.

In the past, would a developer manufacture (CD’s, posting, printing) for such a small software niche and would users go through the hassle of traditional purchase and desktop installation for something that seems like a tiny utility? No they would not, but in the new Cloud world such things are doable and thank god for that!


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By David Winch
07th Aug 2011 14:50

Brilliant Idea

I think I'll try it!

David Winch

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08th Aug 2011 18:53


Go this link via a tweet, so good I've RT'd.


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