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How to get good staff - a guide to great adverts.

30th Aug 2022
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A few months ago, I mentioned to a former employee tha t I was recruiting someone (my current subcontract VA, Rhonda).  This is an extract of a message my former employee (unprompted) asked me to send to Rhonda.  “Working with Alan was such an amazing experience, I learned so much in such a short space of time. Three years later I still draw on that experience and I’m sure that will be the case throughout my career.”

If you get it right, employing people can be a rewarding experience for all concerned.  If you get staffing wrong, it can be horrid!

It all starts with the recruitment process.  A complaint I often hear when talking to professionals is “I can’t find good staff”.  There are lots of reasons for this but often the problem lies with recruitment advertising.  The typical adverts I see summarise the job description eg we want someone to do accounts and work on their own initiative. The salary is “market rates”. 

The advert goes on to state “must have experience and be able to work to deadlines”. 

I paraphrase such job adverts as “Please can you come and work hard for me, so I get rich and you remain poor”! 

There are two glaring problems with this sort of advert:

1             It does not answer the question “Why should I work for you?”

Obvious answers to the question of “why should I work for you?” include, career progression, training and development, a flexible family-friendly working environment, inclusive culture free from office politics and gossip, friendly colleagues, and work and profit-related bonus schemes.  

2             If you pay “market rates” my response will be “I am an above-average employee.   Are you telling me you will not pay me above average salary?”

In light of these comments, you might like to have a look at the way you advertise, if only to pat yourself on the back! As As I said above staffing can be a rewarding experience.  I hope it is for you.



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