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11th Feb 2019
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This blog has been quiet lately because there is a big change on the horizon for me.

My husband and I are taking six months out to live and work in New Zealand. I've handed in my notice to Jack and Henry and will be leaving the UK at the end of February.

This is the fulfilment of a dream we've had for a long time and after coming into a legacy when my husband's aunt died last year, we've decided if we don't do it now then we never will.

Everyone here's been lovely and said how sorry they'll be to see me go. I've told them they're all to keep in touch and tell me how things go - what happens to Maria's romance with Calum, whether Lucy's timekeeping and work ethic improve, whether Paul eventually settles down and gets rid of the leather jacket and fast car...

And when Henry finally decides to retire.

In the meantime thank you to everyone who's read my blog over the last year, I hope you've enjoyed it. Best of luck with Brexit, MTD, and everything else that I won't have to worry about any more once I've left for distant shores...

And any tips on dealing with the New Zealand tax system are most welcome, as I will be looking for work over there!

Thank you again!

Alice Wiley


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By mrme89
11th Feb 2019 12:06

I have a several friends that have moved out there.

A couple went on the back of some photos. Ballsy, but they are loving it.

A friend went travelling around the world after have a number of dead end hospitality positions over here. He got to New Zealand 3 years ago and stopped there.

Another couple went on a few holidays there. After having a child, they decided that bringing up a child in New Zealand would offer them all a better life.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll love it!

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