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January: So it begins

8th Jan 2019
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Yesterday being the start of the first working week in January, we were sending emails (and in some cases, letters) to clients who still have yet to send us their accounts and tax information for the January filing deadline.

A few hours later I met Teresa in the kitchen.

"I've so far had three 2016/17 P60s emailed to me," she sighed, "and five dividend vouchers for after 5th April 2018. Not to mention a bank interest certificate for 2007/08 instead of 2017/18."

"I know. I've had two spreadsheets that cover the year to 31st March 2017 instead of 2018. And Jack Stuart has sent me his records for the calendar year 2017. That'd be fine except he's got a June year end."

Teresa wordlessly passed me a chocolate biscuit. I think I'll be needing a lot of them this month.

"How's Lucy been?" I asked. "Any issues with lateness?"

"She's been on time every day so far and not been out too long at lunch. Let's hope that lasts!"

Teresa has also been working with a non-resident client who had a capital gain in the UK.

"He's convinced he shouldn't have any tax to pay because he doesn't live here any more. I've told him again and again that because the house is in the UK, and since PPR's been cut so much, he has to pay capital gains tax."

"If you've told him, and you've got written proof of that, then we can show it's not our fault. What can we do if they won't listen?"

"He's bound to blame me when the Revenue get hold of him."

And unreasonable though that is, we both know she's right.

January is well and truly upon us...

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