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Training two clients

19th May 2018
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The client who built his own spreadsheets agreed to start using software.

I went to visit him to train him, and apart from having my tights shredded when his cat climbed into my lap, the visit was highly successful.

"Is it as easy as that?" he asked, after we'd worked through setting up his bank feed. "And the transactions will just come in and all I have to do is record what they are? Wow! I feel liberated! Thank you, Alice!"

That gave me a great feeling. So long as nothing goes wrong and so long as he does keep his books up to date. But now he has entered the world of online bookkeeping, I can check that much more easily and more quickly. No more waiting till after year end.

Jack also sent me to set up another new client who's just opened a new shop to sell and exchange computer games.

This client allowed me to set up his books on the online software but refused training - "I'll pick it up as I go along."

Oh no.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "It's no problem while I'm here."

"No, I'll be fine, remember I'm used to computers."

I thought, but obviously did not say, "But you're not used to bookkeeping! And this business's books will not be straightforward!"

Plus, if he gets into a muddle, his bill will be higher when I have to sort it all out!

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By Red Leader
21st May 2018 16:48

Who at Accounting Web is writing this?

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