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Was the car available?

19th May 2018
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Max is preparing forms P11D for those clients who still need them. Since the change in the rules round reporting of expenses, that number has drastically fallen, but there are still several needed for clients with taxable benefits.

Today he came to talk to us about a client who provides company cars for two employees.

"There's a note on the file about this one having broken her arm and being unable to drive," he said. "Did the employer actually withdraw private use of the vehicle during that time?"

"She couldn't drive," Paul said. He still doesn't really approve of Max.

"I know what Max means," chipped in Maria. "Wasn't there something about it on that course we went on? That the Revenue said someone who broke their leg and couldn't drive, still had a taxable benefit because they could have hired a chauffeur?"

Max smiled approvingly at her, "That's right. If [company's name] didn't withdraw the use of the car while she was unable to drive, she still has the taxable benefit."

"Hmph," muttered Paul disapprovingly, looking down at his desk.

"Does anyone know if the car was withdrawn? I'll contact the client if you don't know."

Maria and I said "No," and Paul just kept glowering.

"Thanks," Max smiled at Maria and left.

Paul spent the next half hour sulking until Maria cheered him up with a cup of tea.


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