The cloud enables accountants to work any time, any place, any where

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The summer holiday season is upon us, but how many accountants completely cut off from work when they go away? Not many, if the results of a recent survey of financial professionals are indicative of the sector as a whole.

E-conomic questioned just under 500 finance professionals and discovered that 43% of accountants stay in touch with work even when they’re on holiday so that they don’t face a major backlog when they go back. And of course the advent of cloud computing has made it very easy to check e-mails and access financial documents remotely. Interestingly, some accountants said work was less stressful than spending time with their family!

56% of the survey’s respondents admitted to taking their Smartphone on holiday, whilst only 4% said they took no form of mobile communication device. A massive 91% said they did call the office at least once while they were away and 30% made it a weekly occurrence. Furthermore, 65% made themselves available to accept work related calls.

When it comes to taking work away with them, 31% said they did exactly that and 29% of all respondents admitted accessing cloud based applications on holiday.

The government is keen to promote a healthy work/life balance but the results of the survey suggest that accountants find it difficult to cut off completely from the work environment. One respondent said that “Spending a few minutes a day checking my e-mails gives me the peace of mind to enjoy the rest of the day.” And that’s a good point. There’s nothing to be gained from going on holiday and spending the entire time worrying about work.

But is it healthy to keep on working while the rest of your family is lazing around on the beach? Are you able to completely cut off from the pressures of work when you’re on holiday? If not, how often do you keep in touch and how? 

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17th Aug 2011 13:28

Keeping in touch

Having just had two weeks off I resisted the temtation to log into the office (we have just gone totally hosted so this would have been easy on my iPad) but I did keep up with emails all the time!

Oh...and I did some writing whilst away - also on the iPad......


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17th Aug 2011 16:47

We Happy Few!

".....only 4% said they took no form of mobile communication device."

What it is to be a member of the Exclusive Brethren - but then I'm told the reception is terrible in Snowdonia anyway! Another reason for thinking it's closer to Heaven....

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By Ian Bee
18th Aug 2011 09:52

Mobile devices

Amazed that people could get access on their smartphones. I spend half the time looking at a message saying "no service". That's even more frustrating than having to be in touch when on holiday.

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18th Aug 2011 23:02

Kent accountant using Xero

I'm a strong advocate of Xero and find the temptation to take a quick peek overwhelming if I'm holiday.

Any form of internet access will do!

Seriously though, I don't think its possible to completely switch off. You just need to be disciplined and perhaps just check e-mails etc twice a day, first thing in the morning and then in the evening.

That way you can stay in touch and avoid upsetting the family too much.



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