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Remember, Remember the 6th of October...

16th Jun 2014
QC Development Keytime
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Remember Remember the 6th of October...

Hmm, not sure that quite works...

RTI late filing penalties are coming

Based on what we see on a day to day basis here at Keytime, there are still a lot of FPS submissions not being made on time.  Come October this is going to get very costly.

The fine is based on the number of employees in the company according to HMRCs records at the date of issue:

Number of employees Amount of the monthly filing penalty per PAYE scheme
1 to 9 £100
10 to 49 £200
50 to 249 £300
250 or more £400

Remember, the FPS must be submitted on or before the date of payment; this date is always contained in the FPS.  The payment date shouldn’t be confused with the processing date.  For example, if you process the payroll on Monday, and you pay employees on Friday, take care to select Friday as the payment date and ensure you submit the FPS on or before Friday to avoid a fine.

The full details are all here:


Click here to download a PDF of this tax tip

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By Kate Upcraft
16th Jun 2014 17:11

it's not the date you pay them either!

I agree that the payment date field is not the processing date, but it’s also not the payment date as in when employees are paid but the ‘contractual payment date’ or ‘tax point’ ie it never moves even if pay day is brought forward from a Saturday or Sunday to the Friday as this is the nearest banking day. This is vital as the following example shows.

This year month 1 began on Sunday 6th April. Payment for month 1 may then have been made on Friday 4th April. Friday 4th April must not be used as the ‘payment date’ as that falls in month 12, not month 1. So the payment date is left as April 6th and as long as the FPS is received by midnight on Sunday 6th it is on time as all HMRC can do is compare any payment dates in the file to the date stamp of the FPS when it reaches HMRC.  This guidance refers


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By Andrew Mann Keytime
17th Jun 2014 12:41

Thanks for reminding us about that oversight on my part....at the end of the day our message is that everyone needs to be very alert indeed before we get to October....

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