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Get paid to get MTD Ready early

29th Sep 2021
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The MTD deadline might have moved, but your sole trader, self-employed and micro-business clients going paperless is still worth doing sooner rather than later.

No more year-end nagging for bank statements, invoices, bills, and expense receipts is more than enough reason to get them MTD ready now.

But if you need some further encouragement to do the inevitable, join the 2 month MTD challenge from Countingup. 

For EVERY 5 clients opening a Countingup business current account (with its built-in accounting software) in October - November 2021 get a £1000 MTD-ready grant.

There’s no limit on how many clients you can sign up. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

The £1000 MTD-ready grant from Countingup

For every 5 sole traders, self-employed, and small business clients you sign up to Countingup in October and November 2021 and we’ll give you an MTD grant of £1000.

You can use the MTD grant to pay your team to take clients through the setup process, or you can use it to reward clients who sign up now, ahead of the MTD deadline.
All we ask is that you use the grant to switch clients to Countingup so they are MTD ready.

More about Countingup

Designed for clients ‘too small’ for other accounting software

If you have sole trader, self-employed and micro-business clients who are:

  • Not using accounting software yet (and don’t want to)
  • Have accounting software and don’t use it
  • Have accounting software and use it badly (so you have to tidy it up!)

Countingup is how you get them MTD ready without them using accounting software.

Countingup does have accounting software in the business current account, but it’s mostly there for you to use and not your clients (especially if they don’t want to). 

Switching to a new business current account is a lot easier for your clients, than using accounting software. 

Let’s help you help them switch.

Find out more about the 2 month MTD Challenge.  or email [email protected]



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