How to Start Marketing Your Business Through the Internet

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You have heard about internet marketing and know that you should be thinking about it but don't know where to start. Well to stay ahead of your competition and continue to build relationships with your current and potential customers, this is something that should definitely be on your agenda.

So where should you start?

1. With a basic website, it so easy to create your own and there are many DIY packages available on the internet. Once you have created a website make sure that you advertise the fact that you have a website and add your website address to all business correspondence

2. Add your contact details on your website and encourage potential and current customers to get in touch

3. Keep a list of all e mail enquires and send out a regular newsletter explaining what new and exciting things that your business is doing

4. Put your business on social networking sites and paste these links in your newsletter to encourage customers to become fans, or give incentives and offers to current fans to suggest to their friends to become fans as well

5. Drive traffic to your website by writing a blog on the key services and products that you offer

6. Complete a video and post on video sharing websites to encourage customers to your website. It is becoming a known statistic that those websites with videos or video links not only gain higher site traffic but customers spend more time on the website and are also more likely to return to the site.

7. Join and make relevant comments on any relevant discussion forums

The one thing that should always be in your mind is there really is no risk. As long as the information that you release is a true reflection of your business then you really can not go wrong and you should also have some fun learning and experimenting in the process.

Good luck

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