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The surface Tablet runs on WIndows  8 RT (W8) and comes with a myriad amount of software, possibly too much to start with . Importantly it comes with Word , Excel . Powerpoint & One Note , tho i have never really used the last 2 in 40 years for practice. If you have never used W8 it does come as a bit of a shock with all tiles  (squares and rectangles)  all over the screen. Before you get to dealing with these you are likley to be stuck with a tile on the left hand side of the screen that gives you a tip about switching between applications . It took me hours to learn how to get rid of this  , like most applications its easy if you know how you either swipe from left to right at the top left of the creen or click on the top left if you are using a mouse.

About carnmores

About carnmores

Qualiified as an ACA 1978 , became FCA shortly afterwards, gave up membership on 30th anniversary in 2008, enough!

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