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Time to get cracking

27th Feb 2014
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so the next thing to do is to decide a) how to use the machine and b) to alter the way it looks. I am trying very hard not to use either a mouse or a keyboard. You can buy a keyboard separately which also acts as a cover but I have not done so yet as I wish to enhance my touch and swiping skills and obviously when I am on the move carry as little as possible. Almost all the applications can be touch driven though I have come across the odd problem for which I have not yet found a solution such as highlighting  more than one file or email at a time , I probably will and need to check the virtual keyboard which is pretty fantastic. So next time more on the screen set up and altering the way it looks. Keep swiping!


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By Practicaledd
28th Feb 2014 16:34

Files and email
Assuming you're on windows 8.1 and using the default mail client, there should just be a little box next to the email you currently have selected, tap that to tick it and you'll see boxes appear next to the whole list, just tick the ones you want to select multiple emails. The system works the same way within file explorer.
If you're using the skydive app to manage your files it works a little differently (no need to be consistent after all!) and you need to do a little downward flick on the files you want to select.

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