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God (yes him again)  I hate January; I thought I was ahead of matters until the last few days and clients brutally intervened. I managed to break my mobile phone and lose my Kindle , such is life. So I took my self off up the mountains for a few days and was wandering thru gatwick when I spotted Dixons again ( I swore i would never go back but they are much better now)  and my spendthrift ways took over and I bought a Microsoft Surface. After using it for 3 hours it was going out the window but after 3 days i love it. This blog will update everyone on how how the love affair progresses and hopefully I will have worked out a few tips and tricks etc to pass on to other people. expect another posting in a few days. Nick. 

About carnmores

About carnmores

Qualiified as an ACA 1978 , became FCA shortly afterwards, gave up membership on 30th anniversary in 2008, enough!

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By tom123
17th Feb 2014 20:53

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

We took the plunge into the world of tablets - in a small way with the Tesco Hudl.

We (wife &I) like it, and if it breaks we haven't spent a huge amount.

Our other home computers (1 x laptop and 2 x desktop) are all Vista - I always tend to end up with the Betamaxes of the IT world.

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