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Friday quiz: Reclaiming VAT on fuel

16th Jun 2017
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Skoda cars in a row

Like the ever-changing Formula 1 regulations, VAT rules can be complex.

And just when you think you’ve got your head around it, they change the rules.

Reclaiming VAT on fuel is no exception.

With this year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix season well underway, Concur wants to test just how well AccountingWEB’s readers know the rules of reclaiming VAT on fuel.

Do you know your fuel rates from your cut-off points?

Then this may be the quiz for you...

Scroll down to take the quiz - if you have any issues with the page, drop Tom Herbert or Richard Hattersley a message. 

Ready, set, GO!



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By tracey2412
16th Jun 2017 13:41

I liked that! Makes you think a bit. I am not a VAT expert (not even an accountant, a bookkeeper) & would always look up & check anyway. But I didn't cheat (no googling here!) so 3/6 isn't so bad? Did throw up a question for me to raise with a client's accountant though on a specific scenario. THANK YOU!

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