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Am I greedy? Should I hire more people quickly?

5th Jun 2013
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I set up my new firm just a year ago to specialise in advising Americans right here in the UK. We have been hugely successful over this first year, attracting numerous, interesting and truly delightful clients.

So what could be my problem?

Well; we hired a new employee just this week (yes she is our first employee and we are all delighted so far). This is not a problem; no way!

My question today is should I hire more? If so who and where should I find them? I am really, really tempted to recruit a Senior Manager or Director (or Manager looking for promotion), who is excited by developments in US tax; able to be immediately client facing, happy to act autonomously and immediately take the lead in client management.  The role could be full or part time.

I think this would give us the opportunity to build further and create a place that is both fantastic to work and provides amazing levels of client service.

But as a new business is this growing too fast, too quickly?

And - just as importantly - where the heck would I find the right person? Tips (and indeed suggestions of good candidates!) are welcomed!


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Replies (3)

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By David Treitel
06th Jun 2013 00:29

Genuine request!

While blogging is often fun; this is actually a genuine request for opinions. Truly!

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By girlofwight
06th Jun 2013 09:11

Lead time
IME it's easy to get behind on the recruiting curve with a new and growing business. Bear in mind that anyone who joins you will need an induction and settling in period, and your firm will also need a internal development phrase as systems and procedures adapt to a multi fee earner environment. As all that happens, you are still growing, and your need for assistance grows.

I think it's sometimes better to recruit early and be prepared.

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By plummy1
06th Jun 2013 19:05

I don't think your greedy.

Unless your plan was to run a life style business I don't think you could be accused of being greedy. Also there are no rules about how quickly you are supposed to grow a business it is a matter of personal choice and gut instinct based on your current success and projection of likely future success. You are obviously keen to provide good customer service and an enjoyable working environment so with that in mind I say go for it and the very best of luck! 

In terms of how you recruit somebody, because I do not work in your area of expertise,i'm not sure what would be be best. However linkedin does seem to be becoming an important tool  for recruiting either by advertising or just identifying likely candidates or for that matter finding the right specialist recruitment agency.

Kind regards


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