UK Statutory Residence Test - HMRC Tool now Testing Online

David Treitel
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A pilot or ‘beta’ version of the SRT tool, the Tax Residence Indicator, has been published today and can now be found here:

As it is a pilot version there is a limit on the number of people who can access the tool at the same time so HMRC ask to please bear with them, and if you get a “system error” message please try again later.

HMRC will be reviewing actual levels of usage and will use the data to reassess access limits before the updated version is released later in the year.

It is hoped that HMRC will confirm that the results arrived at by using this online tool can be relied on in case of later HMRC audit (after all it would be annoying if HMRC software said that someone was non-UK resident and action was taken on that basis but HMRC later disagreed with its own software).


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