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Finance raising for start-ups

18th Nov 2011
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Finance raising for start-ups

by David Barry on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 12:08pm

finance raising

Hi David Barry:

Qu: We would like to grow company 1 and company 2.  We have a working team in place.  We need a business loan and let us know what you need on a business plan etc..

My reply: Raising finance is not cheap and you must be prepared to pay fees.

I can on your behalf approach lenders and pass on your proposals together with my written comments.

Working capital/refurbishment capital/equipment capital:

How much capital in total do you wish to raise?

Please break this down between each of the above categories which are:

Working capital: please write the funding needed for:

Day- to- day finance for trade debtors/trade creditors/loans/hp contracts.

Equipment: please write exactly the type of equipment with prices and its purpose in the business.

Refurbishment: please write precisely what is to be refurbished and its approximate cost.

Business loan:

Higher rate of interest, difficult to raise but is repayable over short periods from 5-10 years.

Loan against your property: easier to raise if there is equity and at a lower cost with lower rates of interest but payable over a much longer period.


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