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newly self employed/hmrc /utr number /tax year 11-12

31st Mar 2011
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Email out: 31032011

Hello my friend, I do hope that you are keeping well.

I thought that you were going to send over some documents for my perusal?  Please let me know, thank you.

Are you content to correspond with me by email/text/phone and do you want to meet up with me?  Please let me know.

A car of £12,800 attracts tax relief of £12,800 x 10% /20% = £1,280/£2, 560  x 28% = £358.40/£716.80 depending on its emissions.  Please send to me the precise make, model and cc. Alternatively it should be written on the sales agreement that you have.

Also, road tax/car insurance/repairs/mot and loan car interest on the car finance  (I will compute a sum of the digits model so as to maximise your tax relief in the early years) are all deductible for tax at your marginal rate of income tax at 28%.  There will be some private usage but you must leave this with me to compute subject to a conversation between us and a detailed study of your log of journeys with which we talked about.

You said that you have received a communication from HMRC that you must submit your tax return form 2011 as the business commenced before 05042011.  This is true and will be the subject of a subsequent email from me.

Also, have you received from HMRC your UTR number (unique tax reference number) which I must have in order to submit your personal/business tax return form as your agent and to properly advise you on class 11 NIC (also important)?  The UTR number has 10 digits and starts with the letter SA –standing for self assessment.

(I talk constantly with clients through Skype (being a software programme) and so it may be a good idea for you to download this piece of software as in this way  we can communicate with each other more easily than by email.  Co-incidentally, there is an article in today’s Daily Mail which talks about its merits and so I attach a link for your perusal: viz


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