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27th Nov 2014
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Good afternoon everybody.

A client is seeking mortgage borrowing from a well-known high street bank.  The borrowing is 70% of the property value.

The bank is asking for financial statements that I previously prepared and submitted to HMRC and Companies House.

I signed the normal disclaimer that accounts were prepared without an audit but that i formed a true and fair view of the figures.

Unusually the Bank is requesting that I sign to each page of the accounts including Balance sheet, Balance sheet notes, profit and loss account and directors report.

I am finding this deeply depressing as I feel that the risk of lending is being transferred to me.

Needless to say the client is harrassing me to sign to each page of the financial statements but I am not interested in this. 

Do colleagues think that I am being overly cautious by denying this request?  

What do colleagues think that i can attach to my signature to each page so that I am not personally responsible?


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