Accounting industry is booming- but are your resources coordinated?

Deltek UK
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The recent Accountant’s World Survey 2012 report has revealed that the Accounting industry is booming against the backdrop of a more challenging global economy. It is also reassuring to see that the US and UK remain the top countries for providing the global economy with qualified accountants. With this global growth should also come greater coordination to guarantee consistency of service. With accountants in demand and firms looking for growth, it is vital to have one clear overview of where resource lies in your company. 

Efficient and coordinated resource management is best achieved using an integrated resource management system that offers real time insight into workload distribution in conjunction with the project pipeline. Using resource management software helps you to identify those employees that are overworked as well as those that may have capacity- optimally positioning your business for growth.

About Deltek UK

Deltek is a global Enterprise Resource Planning software provider for Professional Services Organisations, offering tailored industry specific solutions to Creative & Marketing Agencies, Accounting, Consulting, Legal and A&E firms.


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