Are you thinking about managing resource in 2012?

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For those companies that operate in billable markets, such as accountancy, their people are by far their most valuable asset. Salaries make up the single biggest cost item and can lead to over 90 percent of a company’s expenditure. Given this crucial factor, it is important that organisations use the right people, in the right role and on the right accounts.

A clear insight into resource needs across the entire business will allow managers to easily plan and deploy their people and their people’s skills.

Surprisingly, many firms do not have the proper overview of their capacity situation and plan for no more than a month or two ahead, making resource planning a tough task. Using old systems or dozens of individual spreadsheets for compiling and analysing crucial resource data is the minimum needed - the right resource management solution will help you achieve a much better ‘ROI’ per person. Firms must understand that these solutions have the ability to really empower the company to improve its bottom line.

About Deltek UK

Deltek is a global Enterprise Resource Planning software provider for Professional Services Organisations, offering tailored industry specific solutions to Creative & Marketing Agencies, Accounting, Consulting, Legal and A&E firms.


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