8 questions to ask yourself before you contribute to the firm’s grapevine

Heather Townsend
The Excedia Group
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On a 'slow day' at work, one of the few pleasures available to you is to indulge in finding out the gossip. However, take a moment and stop before you start a good old gossip. Keeping your ear to the ground is one thing, passing on gossip is another. Adding to your firm's grapevine can be a seriously career limiting move. So, here are 8 questions to ask yourself BEFORE you share some information:

  • Why am I sharing this?
  • Does it create or solve a problem?
  • Do people really need to know this?
  • If I choose to not tell anyone, will the firm be any worse off?
  • Am I name-dropping?
  • Have I labeled facts as facts and opinions as opinions?
  • Will this be considered grassing, gossiping or cutting down another person or group?
  • In the worst case, how could this person use this information so that it could reflect badly on me?

What other things should you think about before sharing any information?


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