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The importance of shoes when networking

3rd Aug 2011
Founder and Author The Accountants Millionaires' Club
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We all think that successful business networking is down to focus, discipline and very often the preparation you do before an event. However, successful business networking is more than just this. I’m sure we all know that how you look on the day matters as well – but how many of us give our footwear another thought? Something as trivial as the footwear you have on, can have a big impact on your state of mind and attitude when meeting people.

Let me explain:

It was 18:00 in the evening, and I’d seemed to have crammed a week’s worth of stuff into the day – and the working part of the day was not over yet. Even though I had carefully chosen comfortable footwear, my feet hurt. Two little blisters on my toes meant that my ‘comfortable’ flat shoes for walking between locations were anything but comfortable. So I changed into my heels for the last part of the days – these are ‘every day comfortable shoes’ according to Clarks...

Two hours of working a room, really does allow you to road test how ‘every day comfortable’ a shoe really is. (If you are wondering, these failed the ‘ball of the foot burn’ test).  I’d don’t know about you, but when my feet are hurting and I am tired, I really don’t have the energy or va-va-voom to circulate and be witty, charming, friendly and positive. A slight problem when your brand suggests that’s who you are...

So, what’s the answer here?

  • Wear comfortable shoes when you are going to be standing up and working the room.
  • Don’t try and do too much in a day and then go networking in the evening

What are your suggestions for how to bounce back when your feet are hurting and you have to spend the next two hours standing on them as you work the room?


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By clegganator
03rd Aug 2011 15:30

Also, what if you meet someone who doesn't like networking and spends the night looking at the floor? His eyes might be offended by those old Reeboks you put on. You know the ones the dog got ahold of and you should of thrown out months ago.

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By Gina Dyer
04th Aug 2011 15:01


I always bring two pairs of shoes to every event. One is a pair roll up ballet pumps which I wear on the way there, stow in my bag at the event and then slip on afterwards; the other is always a pair of killer heels that are called killer for a reason!

For those who don't love heels as much as I do, you could try wearing a nice subtle wedge heel? These are much kinder to your poor little toes and still look the business. 


Here are a couple of pairs I like:

Beat me lace up wedge in black suede £62, Office

Cord brogue wedges £22.99, New Look



We've also featured lots of wedges and what to wear them with on Click here to check them out!


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