Accountants don’t do social media – or do they but they don’t realise they do?

Elaine Clark
Chartered Accountant
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I had the honour of speaking at the Sage sponsored ICAEW IT Faculty Business Benefits of Social Media event in London yesterday.

If I am allowed to say it, the event seemed to go down really well with the audience.

Comments and Feedback

Some great tweets and feedback, examples being …

“Engaging with your Twitter followers is more important than numbers. Hear hear! #icaewsm”  @danielclarkfca

“In need of a more structured social media strategy, hopefully today will help” @chapperscounts

“Real challenge for accountants in practice: time to use #socmed for business advantage #icaewsm” @nickgoode

You can read the full comments by searching the hash tag #icaewsm

There were many interesting questions posed and this clearly demonstrated to me a desire by some to get into social media.

One in particular struck me ..

“How do you promote the selling of a complex tax product via social media?”

Whilst I answered this in the room at the time I have given the whole issue of how accountants market and sell a little more thought.


When writing articles or blogs as an accountant some of us do like to flex our technical muscle and demonstrate our extensive knowledge of complex accounting and tax issues.

Maybe all the client wants to know is ….

How much will it cost me?

How much will it save me?

A what’s in it for them (WIFM) approach rather than a what’s in for me (WIFM).

Most sales message need to be simple – maybe as accountants we forget this and look at it from the …

Isn’t this really complex and technical angle

rather than

Why should this be of interest to the client

If I take my car into the garage I really do not want to know what the mechanic has done under the bonnet. I just want to know that it’s fixed, it works and it won’t go wrong again!

This approach can be applied to any tax or accounting issues – whether simple or complex.

Keep it simple and sell the benefit.

So does social media work for accountants?

Yesterday demonstrated to me that there are four types of accounting animal ….

The Jaguar

A full adopter of social media, doing it well and delivering significant business benefits from its adoption.

The Rabbit

Nervous at first and needs coaxing but once it understands it becomes loyal to it forever.

The Ostrich

Buries their head in the sand hoping social media will go away. They did the same when the TV, telephone, car, internet etc was invented.

The Chimp

Says that social media doesn’t work and then shows how they have built their business on social media and gain revenue from it!

Of course social media works for accountants – it’s just a marketing tool after all.

What’s not to work?


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14th Jul 2011 14:21

Social Media for Accountants

Nice blog.

I had my own experience in May presenting to the ACCA West Surrey Region


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