Chartered Accountant
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And the winner of Women in Finance and Money is .... Elaine Clark,

3rd Oct 2011
Chartered Accountant
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Of course the official Press Release will follow but I thought I might take the opportunity to have a little celebration of this fabulous achievement.

At a rather glamorous Awards lunch on Friday, attended by some 250 people including Jo Cameron and Rachel Elnaugh, one of the 9 Awards handed out was the Women in Finance and Money.

Tough competition on the short list …

  • Elaine Clark – (me!)
  • Emma Buckley – Barclays Wealth
  • Elinor Perry – Pentlands Tax & Business Advisers
  • Sarah Pennells –

A submission was made to the impressive judging panel of …

  • Caroline Waters -Director, People & Policy at BT
  • Irene Curtis - Vice President at Police Superintendent’s Association of England and Wales
  • Gill Fielding – Secret Millionaire and leading businesswoman
  • Rachel Elnaugh – Dragons Den and leading entrepreneur
  • Lynne Franks – Founder of B-Hive and leading businesswoman
  • Charlotte Sweeney – International Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Nomura International
  • Gita Patel - Director, Trapezia
  • Penny Mallory – Rally Driver, motivational speaker and presenter

And it seems that they decided that I should win.

So in true Paltrow style here is my acceptance speak …

I’d like to thank my mother (rest her soul) and my 77 year old DJ father (happy birthday for tomorrow – let’s rock!).

Special thanks to the following for the great feedback that they gave me to include in my submission:

  • Christine Knott, Managing Director of Beyond the Box
  • Lisa Barnett, Social Media Manager, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • Nick Goode, Head of Marketing, Sage Accountants Division

All of the lovely friends, relations, Associates, tweeps, contacts, colleagues, UK Business Forum posters and so on that have supported me since I started.

All of the tweeps that send messages of congratulations – would love to name you all but there are so many of you. Isn’t twitter great!

A name like was always going to be a gamble. Whilst it is great for marketing (says what it does on the tin) and SEO, it was likely to and did attract criticism from my fellow professionals.

The tide has turned and I think I have now earned a respected place in the profession.

Finally – A special message to my decreasing number of critics ….

I guess you have two choices now.

Keep your derogatory opinions and unfounded criticism coming – it does so spur me on and motivate me to further build into the respected brand that it has become. I guess that is my tenacious nature.

Or you can admit that maybe you are wrong and go away and lick your wounds.

Remember – Opinions are like back sides. We all have them but it is best not to air them in public.

Thank you and have a good week everyone. I know I will!


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By qasimjavid
03rd Oct 2011 16:45

Congratulations! :)

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