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Oliver Elliot

19th Jan 2021
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Where There’s Oliver Elliot There’s A Way — we help with debt, insolvency and liquidation of a company

Oliver Elliot is a firm set up by the Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Elliot Green, our CEO. Oliver Elliot knows the insolvency business inside out. That means whatever insolvency issue you have, whatever industry you’re in, we have the expertise to help. Whether you’re a Company Director who wants to Liquidate their company, or a creditor looking to recover a bad debt, we can help. We’re here to quickly resolve urgent insolvency and company closure issues so that you can be done with debt.

How Can We Help You?

We strive to meet all of our client’s expectations, to deploy empathy, be conversant in our subject matter, act with expedition and be reliable to execute our functions.

Where there’s Oliver Elliot there’s a way. Why? Because — We Know Insolvency Inside Out.

Who We Help…

Oliver Elliot offers a variety of services and can accommodate you no matter what industry you are in and what insolvency and company closure services you require. We can do so much more than close a company.


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By thomas34
26th Jan 2021 15:38

Useful article but the Insolvency Act just as importantly encompasses bankruptcy law when I believe the "relevant time" is 5 years?

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Replying to thomas34:
Elliot Green
By Elliot Green
27th Jan 2021 08:37

You are correct that in personal bankruptcy the relevant time can extend subject to certain thresholds being met to 5 years.

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