Marketing Scam - not very clever!

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Today I'm working from home while my kids destroy the house as a half-term hobby.  We're off out to do lots of interesting stuff later (food shopping he he) but in the meantime I thought I'd get some work done....until I received a phone call from a chap with a strong northern accent (no offence to northerners), talking very quickly, and not letting me get a word in edgeways.  He claimed to be from Google and could get me onto Page 1 of a google search for a one-off fee.

I googled the number he was ringing from - 01619242190 if you're interested - and up popped loads of details and forums about "Levora Marketing Scam".  Hence I haven't got any work done since as it makes for an interesting read, and very scary too.

I can understand why people sign up to these things as it sounds very plausible, but the guy was so irritating on the phone I started to get angry with him.  He talked to me as if I was completely stupid and know nothing about the web.  I don't know much admittedly, but enough to make me wary.  In the end I put the phone down on him mid-sentence (him not me!)

So what shall I write my time off to today?  The joy of working for myself is that I manage my own time - but I'm only paid based on my own productivity.  Now I'd better try and get some work done, and I've saved the number into my phone so next time I can be prepared.


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16th Feb 2010 15:56

A Public Service

At least by posting here you've added to the collective knowledge on the internet about these sorts of scams.

I've had these calls as well. No-one can guarantee you a page 1 ranking on Google. Full stop.


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By cpavett
04th Mar 2010 22:47

Not quite.........

You can guarantee page one on google, but sometimes your search terms need to be specific or include your company name and this is obviously no good.

This company is quite small but are number one in the UK on google for 'Internet Marketing Training', quite an accomplishment!!

Oh, and they don't do any telephone sales!


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