More snow to challenge the hardy

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Here goes for my first ever blog - I have "embraced" technology within my business, but I'm still a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to a lot of things like blogs, twitter etc.

Here in beautiful Malvern we have had more than our fair share of snow so far this year.  We have hit the headlines for our snow, and also for the Foley Arms where the staff had a lock-in after being told the business had been sold from under them. 

Today (30 Jan) we have more snow - only a very small amount, not enough for the kids to get the sledges out.  Most people on here are looking to tomorrow as the last day for submitting tax returns.  For me it is my husband's 40th birthday, and I'm worrying now that I haven't got him enough presents, that the meal I've booked for tonight may be a disaster, will he have a mid-life crisis and go out to buy that Nissan GT-R he keeps promising himself!

My business is still very new, and my client base very small, so I have had the luxury of ensuring all my clients have had their paperwork in with plenty of time before the self-assessment deadline.  Next year may not be so easy, and therefore I want to take time to sit back and reflect on how long each piece of work took, what I could have done better, will next year take a lot less time now I know my clients a lot better....  All questions I'm sure you ask yourself, and any advice you can give will be much appreciated.

I spend a lot of time using AccountingWeb, especially Any Answers.  It was interesting to see a comment on addiction to the site, and I could be falling into that category.  There are certain people who comment a lot (a couple of names spring to mind - Peter Saxton, Welsh Dragon) and I find I am always learning.  There is so much to know as a sole practitioner, and I believe the key is knowing where to look (and doing so) as much as having all the answers straight away.

I have also made use of our local ICAEW regional group and attend all the training courses, which are excellent.  In a few weeks Rebecca Benneyworth is coming along to talk to us about "what's hot in tax".  I'm actually getting mildly excited about this,  will she look like her picture on AccountingWeb? do I ask for her autograph? PLEASE don't make a fool of myself!!

That's all for now, I'd better go back to my weekend and the family.  I'll try not to check too many times to see if I've had any feedback to this.  Thanks for reading, Liz


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01st Feb 2010 17:21


Congratulations on your first blog! We look forward to reading more of them! (And yes, Rebecca does look like her picture, so when you see her make sure you go and say hi and tell her you're in our Class of 2009! I'm sure she'll be delighted to meet you.)

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