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The search is over, now the journey begins.  I've paid over the money and all I want is to get my greedy paws on the software.

Who won the race? Who was I most impressed with?  Digita ticked all the boxes for me.

I would like to give some credit to those involved in my decision, and without whose advice I would still be lost in thought (apologies to anyone I've missed here)....

Will Lofthouse - Digita Sales Consultant.  Extremely patient through 2 demos, and answered all my questions throughout the past 2 weeks

Steve Borwell-Fox (Borwell Limited).  Gave me his time to go through my rationale for the decision and what I should be thinking about.  He provides bespoke software himself, so I reckon he knows what he's talking about.

Ian Morgan and "Pillowmay" - for their advice by phone and e-mail, and for being such great advocates for Digita.

Last, but not least, my long-suffering husband.  He has had to sit through many evenings of me discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the systems.  He deserves a large glass of wine tonight, and hopefully will be back out of therapy soon!!

For the SAGE fan, my apologies.  I didn't look at them during this beauty parade.  When I was first setting-up they were very inflexible on price, and didn't really meet my needs at the time.  I may have to use them in the future - so if anyone from SAGE is reading this I'm sure your software is wonderful, I just didn't look at it.

IRIS was a very close second-place, and certainly won on market dominance, and I did consider them as I know a lot of people who use it, and love it.  The end decision was influenced by the quality of the demo and look of the software, comparison with key features of different systems, and also price - not just this year, but going forward.

I will be SO looking forward to converting all my client data over onto DIGITA in the next few weeks, and will now have lots of spare time while the system does everything for me.  (That was meant as a joke before I get lots of comments about living in cloud cuckoo land, I know it doesn't make the tea - yet).

Now I'd better start on my presentation for the Malvern Small Business Forum - more to follow in a future blog.  Have a great weekend all,



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By Anonymous
01st Apr 2010 09:21

Were Digta Flexible on Price

Good blog.

Were digita flexible on price? How much did you pay? How much training will you get with Digita? Is training included in the price?

Did you consider Tax Calc and VT?

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By Anonymous
01st Apr 2010 10:08

I think there felxible

I bought Digita last year and i've never looked back, lovely team of people who all seem to know what they are doing, I was thrilled with the customer service, (rare when purchasing software) absolutley non agressive, i would advise you to call them

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By eyreliz
01st Apr 2010 12:59

Digita pricing, Taxcalc/VT

Thanks for your feedback, I hope this blog is of use to other people making the same decision.

Digita were extremely helpful, and were willing to discuss the price.  Their pricing is based on an up-front membership fee plus an annual licence fee.  Initially this came in more expensive than IRIS for Year One, but Digita were willing to negotiate on this.  For future years Digita are very competitively priced - and I assessed the total cost on a 5-year comparison which therefore means the membership fee is less of an issue.

I did look at VT and TaxCalc as a package.  I use TaxCalc now, so it would mean I wouldn't have to transfer any of my data over.  A friend uses VT so she gave me a demo and I agree that the software is very easy to use, and produced accounts within minutes.  The biggest show-stopper for me is that I have an LLP client, and VT doesn't produce LLP accounts.  I also liked the power of having the integration across the modules of Digita.

I'm more than happy to discuss in more detail if anyone wants help, please send me a message.



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26th May 2010 16:20

"Cloud" Providers

Hi Liz - weren't you tempted to look at any "cloud" providers, I've heard great things about

-- Steve Jennings, a Professional SEO Consultant currently studying for ACCA, and setting up a Bookkeeping Resource site for small business owners.

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