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Direct debit coming to town

6th May 2014
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No 2 has made his first call to an awkward customer who never paid on time and so kept finding their access to the software was cut off.  And he did very well.  He was quiet but firm and didn’t take any nonsense from the customer.  Looks like we made the right choice there.

Sadly, Mrs Dragon seems to be taking it out on him that he was employed instead of her niece.  She’ll hardly talk to him, she’s not yet made him a single cup of tea (despite the fact that she regularly makes tea for the rest of the team), and even her “Good morning” to him is delivered without any eye contact.  I think someone is going to need to have words with her and I think that someone is going to be me.

Back on the subject of customer payments, we’ve decided to look at taking payment by direct debit.  Some customers change their credit cards so often that we keep having to stop their account access because the credit cards are out of date.  Others deliberately take their card details out because they want to take longer to pay, which makes extra work for No 2.  Direct debits look much harder to manipulate in this way.

We’re going to talk to the provider GoCardless about setting this up.  Has anyone used their services and are they good?


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By Flash Gordon
06th May 2014 12:19


Make the conversation with Mrs Dragon sooner rather than later, for everyone's sake. 

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By wilcoskip
06th May 2014 12:28


I've found GoCardless to work like a dream.  Easy to set up and run, and costs are minimal.


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By B Roberts
06th May 2014 14:39

Mrs Dragon appears to be displaying the kind of passive aggressive behaviour that I hate in office politics. Has somebody told you about these issues, or have you noticed them yourself ?

From experience, this situation is unlikely to "resolve itself" and will need some kind of intervention before it becomes a bigger and wider issue.

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Replying to scalloway:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
07th May 2014 12:04

Enter The Dragon

No doubt the management style at the company is fairly laid back. This probably works well in terms of morale and getting people to buy in to the company's goals.

Unfortunately it sounds as if this has lead Mrs D to think that she has some sort of veto over decisions. She doesn't. You have listened to her views, you have taken them into account and you have then made your decision. She now needs to have it explained to her that her job is to get behind your decision and help see that it is implemented as well as possible.

If that doesn't work, then I'm afraid stronger words are needed along the lines of "shape up or ship out". Otherwise it will fester.

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By ChrisScullard
07th May 2014 22:21

Will second the positive feedback re gocardless. I've used it for over a year and rate implementing it one of my best decisions. Easy to use, payments on time and support excellent

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By tracey2412
09th May 2014 18:17

GoCardless - go try it!

Tried it, like it. 

And GoCardless are extremely helpful during installation & afterwards (latest glitch - a client in Spain trying to set up her direct debit authorisation couldn't get past postcode on the online form - I called GoCardless, answered by a real person in less than 3 minutes, apologised profusely for the problem (when did that last happen!) & gave a work around immediately.

Can't fault them so far.

Try it, doesn't cost anything - and if you can find someone already with an account to refer you you both get £50 in fee credit - win all round!


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