2019: Same old same old

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You may be one of many full of hope entering 2019. I am sure, it was the same when you entered 2018.

Did anything really change for you in 2018?

From tomorrow, like they are every year, they will be articles on how to make the year better. Better you in 2019. Richer, sexier and a go-getter you.

I would say nothing changes for the majority. It is because human nature being what it is, we are not willing to go through the pain of changing or some aspects just cannot be changed. I cannot be 6 foot tall for instance.

Before you make those resolutions which will be forgotten after the first week of the year, ask yourself, do you REALLY want your life to change? Are you willing to go through the pain of change?

Yours truly lost 20lbs in 2018. It was easier for me since I went through a difficult time that reduced my appetite. I have another 20lbs to lose. I need to go through another major life event to reduce my appetite again. Diets did not work for me because I was not willing to go through the pain of diets. Diets work if I was willing to stick to them. I did not.

Will be it the new you in 2019? Maybe for the first few days in 2019, After that, I think it will be back to who you were in 2018 and years earlier. Nothing of significance changes, aside from the damn ageing process folks. With that, I bid farewell to one crappy 2018.

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By Glenn Martin
02nd Jan 2019 00:10

Sorry to hear you have had a bit of bad time of things in 2018 FT.

Good news on the weight loss though, you will be like Chris Hoy on that bike to work now.

Your right about the new year new you stuff, its too easy to drop into the day to day.

Pleased to see you blogging again keep it up.

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By TheLambtonWorm
02nd Jan 2019 12:52

I've been attempting to lose my paunch - 6lb gone so far - another 14 to go!

I said to myself to go back go sensible lunches in 2019 following the obligatory Christmas & New Year feasting.

However, I'm going to fail straight away as there's a mound of beef left over from yesterdays roast, and I'm about to stick it with some gravy in a big sandwich. Been thinking about it all morning.

Then tonight there's a bunch of cheese and cold meats left. I can hardly just throw them out.

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