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Book Review: Part 1

20th Sep 2016
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This is my review of Part 1 of How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life by Heather Townsend  and Jo Larbie.

I did not want to like this book and I thought it would help me to sleep. I was wrong.

After leafing through far too many praises (testimonials) that I did not read, I think Part 1 would be helpful to the career minded and the hungry, looking for partnership types. I was one of them a few years back, though hungry for that directorship, that I eventually manage to get.

Part one provides comprehensive information on whether becoming a partner is your thing. If so, the routes to your prize.

They are also questionnaires that may help you to make an assessment as to whether becoming a partner is what you really want. In my opinion, you just know. You do not need to go through lengthy questionnaires.

There is more work at the end of each chapter! They are exercises for you to learn more about yourself to determine what is it that you want. 

I give part one 3 out 5. Meaning it is good. There is far too much navel-gazing with the questionnaires. Just trust you gut, it is a much better and a more efficient guide. Further, there was no need to be over generous and publish all the testimonials. One or two would suffice. Less is more. 


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