I admit it - I watched the Royal Wedding!

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In one of my previous blog I wanted a media blackout on the Royal Wedding. Well I am ashamed to admit I watched the Royal weeding on TV today. What does this say about me and why did I do this?

I was feeling left out by not watching TV. I felt I was going againt the odds with the large proportion of people. It just felt wrong not to watch the wedding. Though my views in previous blog remain unchanged. I am thinking what this says about me:

• I like to belong rather than be the odd one out
• I am bit of a hypocrite!
• I am not strong enough to be an independent thinker.
• I just wanted to see how Kate looked! She looked great.

I found a large part of ceremony was religious. I found this really boring. How can there be a God? If there is one she is very unfair.

I tried not to switch on TV but I failed!


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By chatman
03rd May 2011 02:23

I assumed it was a minority watching the royal wedding

Why do you think it was a majority? 

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By chatman
03rd May 2011 02:28

How can there be a god?

I think it is very unlikely there is a god, and if there is one, it is not the one the Christians and the Jews tell us about; their description is too contradictory.  I haven't heard of any other religion with a convincing god either.

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03rd May 2011 08:03


Thanks for commenting Chatman.

In terms of majority watching, I did not have any bases for saying that. It was the way media handled it as if majority were watching.

On god - I think I am a Humanist but I have not firmly decided yet. I think this is beacuse of my religious up bringing. This will be a subject of one of my blog posting. By writing it helps with my thinking.

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03rd May 2011 14:43

On God

At risk of starting a religious debate I believe in God. I am a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormons). This is not the right place to debate this subject but I will throw out one thought. Take a long look at your hand. Wiggle your fingers! Admire its structure and function. Evolutionists would have you believe that such a structure (not to mention the rest of your body) evolved from single cell creatures. I liken this to taking a pocket watch (mechanical or electronic - take your pick), putting it inside a bag, smashing it to little pieces with a hammer, shaking the bag for a while (a million years or so) and pulling out a perfectly functioning watch.

My father, who made mock of organised religion and who I saw as an atheist, admitted to me one day that he believed in a divine creative force (an agnostic is, I believe, the term). He was a secondary school science teacher. 

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03rd May 2011 16:11

back to the wedding (quick!) ....

I didn't watch it. This really arose from apathy. I just couldn't get interested in hours of coverage of the Queen's grandson getting married.

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03rd May 2011 22:11

Red Leader

Thanks for taking the thread away from religion. One area that really divides people.

I think you missed a great show. Middleton girls are wow! Great genes. The family looks like they have been created by Disney. All with perfect teeth and great looks.


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