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I am jealous of the Royal couple

19th Apr 2011
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I would like to publicly admit that I am jealous of the about to be married Royal couple. I do not want to know anything about them. I would prefer if there a total media blackout on the whole wedding. This to my big disappointment will not happen. As the time is getting nearer for the big day, there is media frenzy over the upcoming nuptials.

I know I should be a decent human being and wish them all the very best for the future like most of the very class conscious Britain. l cannot lie and pretend to join in the well wishes. I know this does makes me a mean and a horrible person.

One of my key reasons for this jealousy is because this so highlights life’s complete unfairness. They were born into privilege purely by accident of birth. They did not have to work for their status. Not only this, what really makes me angry is that our class aware society respects them. Respect them for what? What is it that they have done to deserve such respect? You will not see them worrying about paying bills, children’s school, child care, getting a decent job etc.

No doubt on their wedding day I will see people on TV being happy for them as if they know them. Do the Royals even care about these people? These people will get nothing more than a Royal wave. The Royal couple will be off to some very expensive honeymoon where even more people will be sucking up to the future King plus one.

Besides this rant I will not waste anymore of my time and emotions on the whole upcoming Royal wedding. What is wrong with people? Some of would say what is wrong with me! My wishes for them are to lose their Royal status and live like and among commoners.


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By chatman
28th Apr 2011 01:31

Completely with you on this one FirstTab.

Except I don't feel bad about it. They are living off our taxes.

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