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Meeting with my Business Coach

1st Apr 2013
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After a highly productive meeting with my Business Coach, this is my last post (I hope and so do many readers) till the end of this year. His feedback was as follows:

1) My total inability to organise my work time and the time I spend on AW. He felt I could not carry on like this and he was shocked how I managed to balance my time when working in a senior level post and study for MBA. He was further shocked about the fact that I managed to get an accounting qualification. After all I came to UK as an immigrant with a poor educational background.

2) The fact I even considered a franchise with research reflects that I am not right in the head

3) I really should stop reading books that would expose me to good ideas and different perspectives. I should get on with work!

Basically what he said was that how dare I spend so much time on AW and post so much. Then I moan about my weight, work, time,etc. It's moan, moan, moan.

In fact my business coach agreed with some comments on my blogs. These tended to say I am just not suitable for the practice world and I should go back to employment. I think he and many comments on this point are right. I will do this now.

I am sorry for posting so much. I just love to write. It does not take me long.

A heart felt thank you for reading my blogs. I am really pleased and surprised with the numbers of people who took time out to read.


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By A mum and an accountant
01st Apr 2013 06:55

It would be nice to hear from you before the end of the year, (it's only March) and to see how you are getting on. It's also good to hear that meeting with the business coach has been productive and good luck with whatever you do..

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By coolmanwithbeard
01st Apr 2013 07:24

I agree with lilac

I have enjoyed reading your musings FT and I will be sad if you stop. As has been said in many threads on AW (including your own) going it alone is not always for everyone and maybe for you you will cvome back to it again later in life when you have more experience under your belt.

As for spending too much time on AW well I have days when I do the same it's all part of the discipline (or lack of it!!). Having said that I do find the information useful and regularly ue any answers to check my own knowledge (I read the question then take a few moments to note my own response before seeing what others have said). When it degerates into personal nonsense I do switch off.


I wish you well - tthis is a large sector and there is always a place somewhere for an honest and competant accountant. At the very least let us know what you are doing!!



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By ShirleyM
01st Apr 2013 08:58

Take care, FT

I swore to myself I wouldn't post on your blog again ... but here I am.

The advice given by the coach is the same as you have already received on here. You didn't believe us, but you do believe your coach.

You didn't believe our comments about a franchise, you believed the franchisor. Now you believe your business coach.

For what it's worth, I do believe you would be happier in employment, and only an honest coach would give such advice, as they indirectly put themselves out of business (or reduce potential income) by giving such advice.

Running a business single-handed (or close to) isn't for everyone, and I don't mean that in a nasty way. It is a plain fact.

I wish you good luck. I hope you will keep us updated. You have drawn us into your life via your blogs, so it would be nice to hear how you are getting on.

EDIT: of course, this could be the same as your last April Fool joke when you said you were quitting!

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By Flash Gordon
01st Apr 2013 09:17

April Fool

It's another April Fool - there's no way he'd have taken any advice on board that easily or been that decisive. Or for that matter been that efficient about finding a business coach. But it says a lot about FT that people will actually believe it - not that he's a great joker (though I'm impressed he tried), but that he'd make such a large life change with so little thought or planning. Or maybe it just means that they're a really nice bunch on AWeb (me obviously excluded!) who will say nice things regardless.

Have I been harsh? Maybe, but equally maybe FT should read what he's written in jest and take it on board. Because it's remarkably true and at some point for his own sake he needs to wake up and smell the roses.

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By ShirleyM
01st Apr 2013 09:35

I agree, Flash

Upon re-reading the OP again, I think FT is taking the mick about the advice received from AWebbers.

I should have stuck to the promise I made myself and not posted. I am not really the type of person who keeps banging their head against a brick wall, so time I stopped :)

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By petersaxton
01st Apr 2013 09:51

My thoughts

I initially thought: that was quick!

How did he arrange business coach so quickly with such a sensible person?

But, yes, it is just a joke.

As the saying goes: "Many wise words are spoken in jest,"

but don't forget the second part of the sentence: "but they don't compare with the number of stupid words spoken in earnest."

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By SteveOH
01st Apr 2013 09:58

I also forgot what date it was today

I was taken in by FT's blog post but then, after ShirleyM's first post above, looked back and noticed that FT posted his question about a business coach late last Wednesday. So, in that short time (and with Good Friday and the weekend in between) on Monday at 6.35am he has made a life changing decision.

Nice one FT, you had us going for a moment :)

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By FirstTab
01st Apr 2013 11:21

Thanks for the response all.

I really appreciated the kind words Lilac1 and coolmanwithbeard . I hope I did not cause any offence. 

Have a good bank holiday Monday all.  


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