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Well my office is no longer a tip. I cleared up yesterday and today.

You know something since beginning of this month I am not fully myself. I am still recovering from my cold. I just did not have the strength to cycle to the office today and it was the same yesterday. I had to take a nap today (why is it called a power nap?) in the office at about 2pm.

It does not help that my one member of staff is on leave. I miss our chats with him. I ended up talking to the reception staff in the office block. I don’t think I am the type to be able to work on my own all the time. I need to talk – exchange ideas.

I did some further research on TaxAssist and I now have questions ready for my Wednesday trip. I have no doubt they know who I am. Well it would not take genius to work it out. I don’t mind.  

During this recovery period (only a cold!), I said to myself I should be grateful for my good health 99% of the time. The effects on productivity on just having a cold (is this why it’s called man flu?) have been disastrous. I just want to sleep and not do any work. What would I do if I had something serious!

My late night yesterday did not help. I need to follow the advice of CABA’s blog on sleep routine for a restful night. I will once my tip of a flat is cleaned.

How was your day? 

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07th Feb 2013 17:43

Great day

I did a clients VAT return and then did my own.

Then a new client came round and we had a good meeting.

Now I am waiting for another client to visit who is going to tell me about a very interesting claim he has made against another company.

If I have time I will deal with emails and then get ready for tomorrow.

If I have a cold I try to make it a priority to get over it. I will do the minimum of work and spend the maximum time in bed. It helps that I work from home.

You say you live in a flat. You keep considering a shop front office and you are considering Tax Assist who insist on shop front offices within three years. Why don't you sell your flat and move out of your present office and buy or rent a shop front with accommodation?

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07th Feb 2013 17:48

lol did nothing i planned to do!!

Hehe had a day when i did kots but my to do list is the same length - still a client has filed their own VAT and a new client has a shiny new QuickBooks file to work on (QB is a speciality of mine). Im still catching up on those left till after January jobs.


A tidy office is always a bonus - i did some filing too - well actually i piled it up to be done tomorrow when i'm fully staffed hehe


All done now :) so I'm off  - i'd say home but as I work from home..... still no need to cycle



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By Flash Gordon
07th Feb 2013 19:13

Finishing on a high!

I'm on the last task of the day (been a slowish day but productive) and I've cracked the worst bit - starting it and making a decision! It's full speed from here :) I've got my Happy playlist on the iPod going (currently The Lonely Goatherd from the Sound of Music - I sing along loudly!!!) and apparently I'm also playing Squirrel with the dog! I never realised I could multi-task so well.

On the rare occasion I get a cold (less than one a year, I'm a hardy soul) it's only allowed 3 days of my life and I don't slow down. One day for sore throat, one day for runny nose, and the last day to clear the nose and do a few attention-seeking coughs. I have strict deadlines for germs and my colds always follow them - it's mind over matter.

(It's the JCB Song now - I'm Luke, I'm 5 and my dad's Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB...')

I always function better in a clear environment.

You need a pet - you can always talk to them, sing and dance with them (sometimes they realise just how bad you are and leave quickly) and they don't judge you except on how quickly you get out of bed and feed them. And apparently bending down to get the stuffed squirrel from under your chair provides a good workout...

Failing that you need to stick some lively music on and dance. There's nothing like a bit of atrocious dancing to make you feel more upbeat. And if you can sing along too..... (Jimmy Buffett - Why Don't We Get Drunk now)

Tell yourself it's a great day and it will be :)

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By Flash Gordon
07th Feb 2013 20:03


Possible relations! Mine is mad about squirrels and I only have to say the word 'squirrel' and she goes rushing to the back door to look for one! Her stuffed squirrel is the only toy that hasn't been taken apart and had the squeak removed and yet gets played with every day without fail. I've bought another one to keep for when this one finally departs to the big stuffed tree in the sky :)

Like yours my dog will dump it wherever I'm sitting although she's not helpful enough to dump it on my lap - I have to burn calories every time. I did discover a better game yesterday though - if I chuck a tennis ball up the stairs she'll chase it but it rebounds off the wall at the top back down to me. So she'll be running up and down like a mad thing while I stand at the bottom tossing and catching the ball. Minimal effort for me, maximum effort for her :)

(Sorry FT, I don't think you meant this to be a blog on stuffed toys!)

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07th Feb 2013 20:35

Step daughter's dog

We look after my step daughter's dog while she's at work (step daughter - not the dog).

The dog's favourite toy is a gibbon but it's already lost three limbs. My wife plays "war of tug" with her. When clients visit we give them treats to feed the dog but it's amazing how many think we are weird and assume they are expected to eat them!

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to Tim Vane
08th Feb 2013 20:54

Tug of war

petersaxton wrote:

We look after my step daughter's dog while she's at work (step daughter - not the dog).

The dog's favourite toy is a gibbon but it's already lost three limbs. My wife plays "war of tug" with her. When clients visit we give them treats to feed the dog but it's amazing how many think we are weird and assume they are expected to eat them!

It's not just gibbons that lose limbs

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07th Feb 2013 20:44

haha Peter

You have given me visions of you sending the step-dog to work, meanwhile your wife plays war-of-tug with a gibbon and you feed dog treats to your clients :)

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07th Feb 2013 21:05

It seems like that sometimes

It can be pretty chaotic. I had some new clients over today and there's me dressed scruffy with no shoes or socks and these people were explaining how their accountant never answered their questions, didn't seem to want to talk to them, couldn't use quickbooks and charged too much. I suggested they should have asked to be charged per word.

I said: "Let me guess, he wears a suit". They said he did. I said some accountants like to wear a suit to make up for lack of ability.

Once I sort out the present mess they are in I expect to charge half what their previous accountant charged. I explained I charge what I think is reasonable and people can take it or leave it but I don't haggle whereas some accountants try to charge as much as possible depending on the client. It always ends in tears when the client realises.

The one-armed (no legged) gibbon is resting and a scruffy dog (scruffier than me even) has gone home for a bit of peace and quiet before the madness of tomorrow. There is another new client coming at 9 am and I'll have the dog treats ready!

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08th Feb 2013 10:14

Dogs - a cautionary tail

Reminds of my time in HMC&E when I did a VAT visit to a farm. A Jack Russel was in the office with the secretary and me as the introductions took place. The dog was friendly but 'yappy' and I stroked it and the usual things you do with friendly dogs.

It then went over to a couch and jumped onto it. I followed over and put out my hand to stroke the dog again. It snarled and bit my hand, drawing blood.

The poor secretary was horrified and full of apologies and I reassured her I was ok. Just then the farmer came in. 'The dog's just bitten the VAT man', the lady said. Straight away, and without looking up, the farmer said 'good', turned and left!!

As it happened it didn't stop bleeding and I had to take myself to hospital where I was given a tetanus jab (in the leg fortunately).

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By Old Greying Accountant
08th Feb 2013 11:44

Best thing with the mutt ...

... is I have to take her for a walk, so I get an hour out in the fresh air, which I should do but wouldn't if she wasn't in.


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08th Feb 2013 13:28

Peter Bonetti

Thanks your post made me laugh. 

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By Old Greying Accountant
to Ruddles
08th Feb 2013 13:43

Makes sense ...

FirstTab wrote:

Thanks your post made me laugh. 

... being attacked by a dog, it was after all Peter "The Cat" Bonetti

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09th Feb 2013 14:14

Dog news

A few days ago somebody mention that our dog was very well behaved because she would sit on the chairs in my office accept my own. Since that was said she's starting to sit on my chair! Can dogs understand everything people say?

Today she was sat on my chair so I went to pick up a document and she leaned forward and chewed the corner. I told her she was a very naughty girl. She looked at me and opened her mouth and broke into a wide grin!

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09th Feb 2013 14:38


I have just eaten a nice chicken with mushrooms mashed potato and sauce at my desk. I had some sauce left so I thought I would get some bread. When I was at the fridge I talked to my wife. When I returned I saw Pebbles with her back legs on my chair the front legs on my desk and her tongue lapping up all the sauce. I let her finish and then she sat back in the chair and started watching TV with a contented look on her face.

I think I'll introduce her to preparing tax returns next!

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By Flash Gordon
09th Feb 2013 14:47

I bet Pebbles will suddenly claim that she shouldn't be on the furniture and certainly not on your chair if there's any hint of her having to work. My dog (sixth birthday today!) once ate a naan bread when I went to answer the phone. I'm just glad I'd taken the plate of curry with me as she's quite stinky at times without assistance!

She had apple & cinnamon fairy cakes today - one with a candle and me singing Happy Birthday. They were especially for dogs which is a shame because there are still some left on the side and every time I go into the kitchen I fancy one!


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09th Feb 2013 15:02

My last German Shepherd ...

... learned how to open the fridge ... and empty it! She did this quite a few times while we were out, or in another room.

I spent hours spying on her until I could catch her 'in the act'. She got told off good & proper and bless her, she never raided it again, but the fridge still has teeth marks on the corners of the door.

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09th Feb 2013 15:19


We used to put catnip in a cupboard and my favourite cat, Beige, would jump on the work surface and open the cupboard by hooking his paw round the cupboard handle.

I think FT would be too busy having fun to write his blog if he got a pet!

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By Old Greying Accountant
10th Feb 2013 22:18

Must be lucky ...

... and have a stupid dog.

All she does is steal socks from the laundry. She doesn't chew them, just likes hold them. If she can't get socks knickers suffice!


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By redman7
11th Feb 2013 08:50

I will soon be working from home full time running my practice, it seems like I may have to get a dog ?!

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