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My Week: Admin Support

9th Mar 2019
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Hello folks.  It is my usual line; it was a busy week. I am in the swing of work now. I think I have now reached the good old days level of my motivation and work output. 

I am now using work as therapy to move forward from the past.  It appears to be working.

Part-time support 

I have taken on an admin person to work 6 hours a week. Three hours each morning spread over two days a week. Her first week proved, it is well worth having an admin person. I should have done this months ago. This was the key event of the week for the practice. 

Q is very busy, and I do not want her to spend time on admin. 

Investigation work

We received the information from the client, to complete full enquiry work on a partnership tax return. It was time-consuming. Next week, I will have the bulky file printed to mail over to HMRC Officer. 

The volume of documentation means I was not able to email the information to HMRC. 

I no longer get worried when we receive the dreaded HMRC enquiry letter. I have completed a few of them now. The conclusion on ALL of them was no additional tax liability. 

Enquiries are a massive inconvenience due to the time they take, and they do not add any value to the practice. Not forgetting, they also increase my fee protection insurance. 

New clients

One client has signed on, and another client is very likely to come on board. They do not fully replace the fee bank lost. I am sure; I will get back the income dropped. 

Putting a positive spin on clients lost is we now have a clean client list. Among the low maintenance clients we lost, they were also some headache clients.   

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