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Hello folks. It was a week where Q reached a full three years with FT Practice Ltd. Prior to becoming an employee, she was a part-time intern for a year and a half. It means she has been with the practice for four and a half years.

They will come a day when she will leave. Replacing her will be such a challenge. She now does almost all the client work. Everything goes out under her name. Majority of clients are now emailing her with their queries. If you remember, that was my intention from day one, I did not want to be involved with the day to day client work.

Accountancy and Tax Skills

In the last three years, the only accounts and tax returns I have produced are my own.  I am not sure if I will be able to work on clients accounts and tax returns anymore. I may have lost those skills.

Full Tax Enquiry 

We received a conclusion letter, from HMRC, in connection with a full enquiry on a Partnership tax return. No change in figures we submitted. The tax return we submitted stands. Credit to Q on this. It is her work.

We have had a few tax investigations. Out of these, only one resulted in an additional payment to Her Majesty's Government. It was an Amazon business and VAT. It is an area where my knowledge is limited. It was not helped by the client not keeping us in the loop.


I have to name and shame PfP.

It is my allegation that they are a terribly run organisation. They do not have a clear system of maintaining their customer communication.  They asked me copies of material that I had already sent.

They took months to respond to my complaint. When they did it was copout response.

I am taking it further with the Financial Ombudsman. My key complaint is their lack of response on my initial claim at the time of tax investigation. The scope of the investigation was widened from VAT only to annual accounts.

I have moved to Croner Taxwise. A very different and a positive experience to date. Highly recommended. Unlike, PfP, during the last investigation, I received regular how is it going emails.


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By mjshort
14th May 2019 10:16

She now does almost all the client work.
What do you do (very interested as I might copy you)?

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