My Week: Executive Time

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Hello folks. I am finding it a little challenging to draft today's My Week. I think this is because my week was not structured. I did not plan my week/next day. I left it as a free-floating week, similar to POTUS executive time. 

As you may know, one of the White House leaks showed 60% of POTUS time is not planned. 90% of my week was not structured.

Routine Tasks

Please bear in mind, roughly 80% of the regular work is completed by Q now. By this I mean, accounts production, VAT Returns, tax returns and the majority of client queries. As I have mentioned before, it has taken a lot of work to get to this stage. 

If Q leaves, I will have a tough time. I will cross that bridge when I get there. 

At present, I have the luxury of allowing myself some executive time should I feel the need for it. 

Personal Finances

Bless me, dear reader, for I have sinned... In a sense being negligent in managing my personal finances. You see, the years that I have worked, I have saved but I have not put any thought to make sure my savings are invested or I have an adequate pension.

Further, until this week, I had no idea how much savings I had. I have many personal bank accounts. Some I had not accessed for some years. That is not at all a good accountant of me. 

 I used my executive time getting login details of various bank accounts and determining how much money I have. Once I have access to just one more account, I will then all the information I need. 

I also came across helpful personal finance software that will help keep track of my personal finances.  A few years back, the UK was terrible on the availability of personal finance software. 


My next step will be to get in touch with a pensions financial adviser and discuss with him/her what my options are. I may have left it too late. I am sure something that can still be done. 

Day to day routine

My excuse for poor personal financial management, I was caught up in the day to day and forget about, as Covey would put it, important but not urgent at the time tasks.  This was a serious mistake. 

You know, I was not in the mood to post My Week, I am glad I did. Each time, I post My Week, I learn something new about myself and what I will need to do differently to achieve my goals. 

One of the key lessons for me is I need to review and action urgent but not important tasks. The real value is in these tasks. Rushing to answer client emails (they can wait for a few hours or a day) or checking out social media (such a waste of time) does not add value.   

Fee Increases

I will post my feedback on my recent fee increases after 1 April. By this time, I will know clients decisions on whether they have accepted my proposal or they will leave. Two clients have decided to move. They are low maintenance clients. I am in two minds at present on how I see this. More about this post 1 April. 

And Finally 

Short grey cloudy days are not for me. I feel low, and my productivity is affected. I am pleased to see days are getting longer and we had some sunny days over the week.

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