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My Week: Inner Peace

27th Jan 2017
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Hey folks, please allow me and prepare your eyes and that overly analytical accountant brain of yours for one big rant in this edition of My Week (My Rant) of tax returns season. It makes for a not so interesting, okay I will say it, a boring blog. 

As we expected, it was the worst week of the tax returns season. It was because some clients think they are the only client that the practice needs to take care of. In their eyes, we need to put everything aside and do their work first. Their tax returns are the most important. 

Tell clients that we cannot prepare their tax return since they did not allow us sufficient time and they start complaining about poor service. We gave them more than sufficient notice to let us have the information by the end of September. I think we sent at least five email reminders/joggers. There is no winning with some clients. 

HMRC Inner Peace Campaign

HMRC marketing campaign, for that inner peace, towards the end of the tax return season, from our perspective, has proved to be highly effective. Some clients for whom we prepared and filed tax returns, very early on in the tax year even started to ask if their personal tax return were completed and filed. The campaign has proved to be far more effective than our emails.

HMRC needs to have the same concentrated inner peace campaign much early on in the tax year and NOT in the last two weeks of the tax year. It just feeds into bags of meat, emotional and unpredictable humans of leaving everything to the very last minute.

My Inner Peace

Roll on 31st, I so want my inner peace. January is a month, where my stress level, food consumption, and weight have gone one way, and that is NOT down. Not a good start to 2017.

Is January ever a good start for an accountant in practice? Unless, of course, you are one those smug accountant types. Go away!! I do NOT want to know you. I just want to be you.

Cycling is just about keeping my sanity. At times, it is failing to control my emotions. There were times in the week I lost it with a client or two. I know that was not at all boring accountant of me. 

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By elamoxon
09th Mar 2017 06:34

Great job, Even sometimes we feel ralax with long drive or with touring. This March end I am traveling to India for Wildlife Safari, Tiger tours. so much excited.

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