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My Week: IT matters

12th Aug 2021
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Hello folks.  Days are flying. Time just goes. We are towards the end of the third quarter of 2021,  I do not have much to show for the year. 

Once again, it was a busy week. A fair amount of my time was taken up on sorting my IT. 

SEO and Marketing 

I have not made up my mind about SEO and marketing. I am getting different information depending on the SEO person I am talking to. This has confused me even more. There is one person who sounds promising. I intend to talk to him in detail next week. I liked the fact that he did some background work that was relevant to my practice before sending me a report. 

One of the SEO firms has not responded to my queries. They are off the list now. It means I now have a shortlist of two.

Window Signage

I reviewed and selected the glass window signage drawing for our office. It outlines the compliance service we offer.  I thought it best to make use of all that glass on the main road. 

Within a week or so, signage will be installed. 


Please allow me to bore you on the work I did to meet (I think) my needs. 

I spent too much time looking into ultra-wide monitors. I am not sure, from a productivity perspective they would be any better than my current triple monitors setup. Maybe, I used this as a way to avoid dealing with messy issues to do with my practice. 

I just did not stop thinking and researching the effectiveness of ultra-wide monitors.  I also kept telling myself to stop spending so much time on the matter.  Here is my plan and my actions. 

I  ordered the new M1 MacBook Air. This will be a single laptop that will be used for work and home. This fantastic laptop will be connected through a single cable to a Samsung LC34J791WTUXEN 34" Curved UltraWide LED Monitor. The cable will power the laptop as well as providing a connection to the monitor. 

My recently purchased iMacs, one will be returned since I am within the return window. The other one will be sold through eBay.  Also, the spare monitors will be sold through eBay. 

If the setup works, I will then order the same monitor for home. It is not possible to use, effectively, more than one monitor, with the M1 MacBook Air. It means I will not able to use my current home monitors. 

The lightweight MacBook Air will be with me wherever I go, work, home and holiday. On holiday, I will put the HP24f monitor in my check-in baggage, with a keyboard and mouse. The laptop will be hand luggage.  This way, I will have a 24-inch screen to work with. 

The bottom line is  I will have one fast and reliable computer that has the advantage of portability and it will also act as a desktop wherever I want. 

I hope the plan works. If not returning a big monitor will be stressful. Also,I want to do real work next week. 


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