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My Week – January Blues

8th Jan 2016
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I hate it! I hate it! I hate! It is the time of the year, that is not helped by an absence of a reliable, trustworthy and a talented employee. It is adversely affecting my business and my well being.

My current role is very much a technical accountant. A role that I left years ago in my employment and I had for a short-term when I was a sole practitioner.

I can perform the role. It is NOT the right role if I want my business to progress. A practice needs the owner or a senior person always working on the business and not in it undertaking a technical function. The opportunity costs are substantial. .

Of course, in the short term, they are financial savings but over the long term, if things go on as they are I am shooting myself in the foot.

An option, I did consider over the week, was taking on a subcontractor. This does not fully address the issue. I need someone experienced full time, in the office with me, who responds to client queries, establish a rapport with our clients and gains confidence of the clients. Both M and her predecessor did this very well.

Having said what I said, up to now, I have not taken any action to get my next M. I am too busy performing a technical function. As a temporary measure, I have engaged services of a subcontractor. Her current commitments mean that she cannot start until late January. I know her. She is good. When she starts, at least, it will give me some time to take action to find M’s replacement.

I know it is a short My Week post, I am just not feeling good folks. My sleep pattern has gone haywire completely. I work till very late and start late. As regards to my eating pattern, I really do not want to go there. Well, maybe in the weight loss blog. Those damn scales! I think there is some technical fault with it. 


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By KPEM online
10th Jan 2016 08:12

chin up
Keep going FirstTab and keep in mind that your situation is temporary for now. This thought can help lessen the worries a bit and alieviate your stress.

Get through Jan and then refocus on your business plan.

And get into a better sleep pattern ASAP, i often find that is half the battle!

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By mwngiol
11th Jan 2016 14:57


What happened to J?

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Replying to Justin Bryant:
By cheekychappy
11th Jan 2016 18:11


mwngiol wrote:

What happened to J?

Probably preparing her harassment case?

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By FirstTab
11th Jan 2016 18:25

Still here

Hello mwngiol J is here and doing a good job. 

She is on the admin and bookkeeping side, my search will start in Feb for someone experienced. J will stay with the practice on a part-time basis. 

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By ShirleyM
12th Jan 2016 12:56

That should allow you lots of time

One full time accountant, and one part-time Admin/Bookkeeper. You should be able to have lots of 'me' time and marketing time.

Your profits may take a nosedive though, until your marketing starts to pay back more than it has cost in lost fee earning time.

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