My Week: Office Frontage

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Hello folks. I am pleased with the change in the weather. We needed the rain and it was good that temperature lowered. The days are getting shorter. I will miss the long days. 

Glass Frontage

I have decided to go for air conditioners for the office. It will mean the current glass frontage will be changed and replaced with a glass frontage that has a short height wall to allow for air conditioning outlet. 

Over the week, I looked at various options. The only viable option is changing the frontage. For the long term, we need air conditioners. It goes goes against my eco-warrior views. In other areas, I am doing all I can, including not having a car and cycling virtually everywhere. 

I will get quotations in February 2019 with the work being done in March/April 

During the summer the period, on some days, it was unbearable to work in the office. As a result, productivity was lost. I may also be breaching Health and Safety rules. 

The Look 

There is little point in having a retail unit if I do not make sure the look is right to entice potential clients to walk in. More recently, it has been proved the current frontage works. 

Unfortunately,  with a short height wall, it will impact on the look. I will look for ways to minimise the cosmetic impact.  

Annual Leave

Q will be on annual leave a month before my exam. She returns on Monday 6 November and my exam is on the 7 November.  She works hard. I could not ask her to arrange different dates, just because I have an exam. I will see how it goes. 


I really need to up my hours on studying. It is so difficult to find the time. I did study over the week but I it needs to be more hours. 

And Finally

After some time, I will be going to an Indian wedding in two weeks.  It is a big function with 500 guests. The venue is impressive. It makes me wonder why people spend so much just for one day.  I normally do not like going to Indian weddings since it is more about showing off your wealth.  I am looking forward to attending my recent invite since I will be in good company.  

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13th Aug 2018 09:44

Depending on the existing frontage construction (is it sectional?) you could maybe, for much less money, merely replace just one section. Alternative is if there is a roof void above say a drop ceiling and you could come out using the upper fascia.

Having had two/three years ago glass frontages fitted into some some shell retail units we had in our pension scheme I know, to my cost (see below), they are not that cheap (and we got a friendly local glazing firm to make/fit them)

(We paid £4,557.40 plus vat for a two panel (mm) 1500 x2570 door section and 2300x 5700 main window and for an adjoining unit £5,896.83 plus vat for a 1500x2570 door section plus 570x2300 and 2100x2300 panels.)

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