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My Week – Practice gurus not for me

9th May 2015
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I did not have a good start to my working week on Tuesday. My dental pain meant the day was a write off. Thankfully, my dentist came to the rescue and eased the pain. My week improved from here.

My highs were working towards establishing a distinctive brand. This included the completion of our digital and paper brochure and our brilliant wall art. It made me made feel great. It is not easy to have a brand that is distinctive in a highly connected digital world.

I am not sure if our brand stands out. All I am doing is trying to have our own practice indentity. It needs to communicate the way we are. Friendly, helpful and supportive group who love what we do, which in turn results in exceptional client service (I think).

I remember in my naïve days in the practice world, I bought everything I heard from practice gurus. I also tried and applied some of their ideas in our practice. It did not work. You will understandably ask the why.

I gave this some thought, and the only answer I could come up with is it would not work for my practice in the way I would like.

We are all different. Some, I am sure, have had significant benefits from listening to and acting on practice gurus ideas. It is not for me. It will never be.

You may think that I am right big headed so and so. That is one way of looking at it. Please allow me to explain why I am the way I am.

I have experience at all levels of management and in different industries. I have read and listen to many audio books. Although not directly related to accountancy world, what I gleamed from them applies to all businesses.

The books and audio books were not instructional. They were about high profile business people’s experience, mistakes, and successes. What they learnt from their vast experience and how they approach their problems now.

When I try and listen to practice gurus saying do xx, followed by yy it would then lead to clients clients, clients! I cannot bear it. I say to myself “What exactly is your experience in practice? What do you really know about the day to day challenges that I face? It is easy to give a neat set of rules in a clinical way in an article or a fully air conditioned conference room. Once I get back to reality, I will not relate to anything you say.”

TBH I know what I need to do to further my business. I have a strong feeling so do you. Like you, I am sure, my problem is juggling all the key balls in the air when the competition is getting stronger. It is trying to fit in client work with business growth work within a time frame that is just too short for most of us.

I learnt most from my mistakes and from people who failed, may be many times and did not give up. They then recognised what is it they need to change in themselves. It is how they changed and what they achieved as a result; that grabs my attention. 


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By KPEM online
13th May 2015 18:15

I hear you FirstTab, it is a daily challenge dealing with client cases and problems, marketing for new business, brand development, service/procedures improvement, employee management, admin and finances, CPD etc etc etc.

But we could be doing lots of other more difficult and less rewarding work so we are thankful.

As for "gurus" I have to say I have had success in taking the advice of a few practice development people over the years, complimented with my own reading and research. The main thing is making these ideas work for you, fit into your business, actually doing something and taking action.

Putting our prices up in a systematised and methodical way was the biggest of such things that we have done having taken advice from a "guru". And the best by far.

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By FirstTab
13th May 2015 21:33

Good points

Hello KPEM, thanks good points. 

Maybe I need to be open minded when it comes to practice gurus. Maybe I have not yet come across someone who will be the right fit for me. 

Putting prices up in the way you described is one of my weaknesses. Most of us are too busy with the juggling act. Perhaps an outside influence is a good thing. 

Your positive experience has raised some doubts about my current mindset about practice gurus. I think this is a good thing.  

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