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Hello folks. It was a week of action and reflection. I was stressed. The good is I made some important decisions that, I hope, will add value to my shrinking practice.

Please allow for a waffly and even more self-centred post.  I am in that frame of mind. Besides all blogs about ones experience tend to be self-centred. 

The customer is King? 

I hope you know by now, that I do not do sucking up or being "nice" to get that client or progress on business relationships. In fact, I have been known to lose my temper with clients. I have read and heard everything on the customer is king for business progression.

I do not play that game. I think I am fair-minded on most matters.  Life is just too short.  I have no doubt, financially, I have lost out. At the same time, I am doing what I want.

Digital Marketing 

My practice is built on Google. Simply because I did not network and, I see this as small talk conversation, sucking up to people and following up on business cards - URGH!

I am back to Google for growth. Majority of my clients have come through Google. I did what was required to attract clients online.  It was trial and error. I still do not know what worked.

Over the week, I passed on the SEO to a person in India. I had a WhatsApp conversation her. She sounded okay. Only experience will tell how it goes.

Social Media (SM)

I detest SM. Is posting a blog on AW SM? I do not see it that way.

Someone in the UK has taken over all our SM. She will do everything. Thankfully my involvement will be minimal. I do not want to be involved in this aspect at all.

Eleven years

It was a week when I reached my eleventh year in practice. I could have done so much better. I am okay with where I am. Of course, I am concerned about the recent client losses.

My reason for being okay is simple - I did it my way. That will also be the case going forward. It is one of the major pluses of not being an employee.


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By wilcoskip
14th Apr 2019 20:06

A sensible set of moves.
I outsource my SEO (to a UK company though) - don't understand it, and it would waste too much time trying to get to grips with it only to do a mediocre job.
Apart from copying website blog posts to linkedin, twitter etc which all happens automatically from Wordpress, I can't be bothered with digital media either. If I can be shown the value, then I'll throw some money into outsourcing it, but for the moment Google is king.
And clients - good grief. I've started a policy of ditching them as soon as they start causing trouble without good reason. We took on one high-value client a month or so ago. Their old accountant had dropped the job after a year, giving what sounded like a credible excuse. Turns out that it was only an excuse though - the accountant walked away because the client is clearly nuts with no hope of recovery. I looked at the client, looked at the money and just thought - sod it. Goodbye.

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